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Wyndham is one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities, our current population is more than 270,000 and is expected to almost double in size by 2041.  The City of Wyndham covers an area of 542 square kilometres. located in Melbourne’s outer west – between the Cities of Melbourne and Geelong,and is diverse both geographically and demographically.

We strive to serve the best interests of the Wyndham community by providing quality services, managing growth and supporting residents to lead healthy, safe, vibrant and productive lives, while protecting our local environment. Wyndham City is an inclusive, diverse and flexible organisation.  Our values are Community Focus, Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Leadership and Teamwork.

Our organisational structure reflects our commitment to enhance service delivery, drive efficiency and continuous improvement, foster creativity and innovation, promote excellence and deliver best value to the community. 

This is enabling us to deliver ‘game-changing’ projects like our partnership with the Western Melbourne Group which has secured one of two new A-League soccer licences and will see the build of an International sports precinct with a purpose-built football stadium for the new team.

Council’s proactive role in rejuvenating Werribee City Centre includes partnering with private consortia to deliver four major developments that will act as catalyst shaping for continued growth and enhance liveabilty. Adjacent to the Werribee City Centre, is the Wyndham Park Redevelopment, a $13.2million project which upon completion in November 2019 will transform the park into a recreation and events space of regional significance.

Council is taking its role to make the City a cleaner and greener place for future generations.  In the past year we have seen the installation of solar panels on all council buildings, the planting of hundreds of trees and the replacement of energy-hungry streetlights with modern energy efficient LED lights We were one of the first councils in Victoria to install solar compactor bins garbage and recycling bins; installed at various locations across the City.

Wyndham City Vision, Mission and Values

  • Vision: Diverse People, One Community, Our Future
  • Mission: We strive to serve the best interests of the Wyndham community by providing quality services; managing growth; and supporting residents to lead healthy, safe, vibrant and productive lives, while protecting our local environment.
  • Values: Integrity, Community Focus, Respect, Commitment, Leadership and Teamwork


Employee Development

Grow with us: We are committed to developing and growing our people through a blend of comprehensive professional development and a workplace that continually challenges and strengthens your ability. Our employees enjoy the benefits of both on and off-site training courses, access to self-paced learning resources and support for approved further education with a progressive study assistance program.

Our Wyndham, Towards 2040

Our Wyndham, Towards 2040, together with the City Plan, drive the organisation to secure Wyndham’s prosperity, sustainability and liveability into the future.

Our Wyndham, Towards 2040 commits us to being an organisation that is agile, innovative, contemporary, customer focused and efficient as well as successful in meeting the growing and emerging needs and aspirations of the community.

Our Wyndham, Towards 2040 Community First Vision

Working in partnership with Councillors to ensure Wyndham is an organisation that inspires confidence, is community focussed, innovative, responsive to the diverse needs of our community and a place that our residents and businesses are proud to call home.

Community First

At Wyndham City we put our community first. ‘Community First’ is a mindset that we bring to everything we do. It encourages us to look through the eyes of community and work collaboratively across the organisation and with our community.

Our Community First approach aims to strengthen our focus on delivering on the community’s Vision; Wyndham 2040 which focuses on:

•       People and Community

•       Places and Spaces

•       Earning and Learning

•       Leading and Participation

Workplace Flexibility

Elusive Work/Life Balance: Creating work/life balance is no longer just a pipedream. At Wyndham City we recognise that people work more effectively when their lives are in balance which is why we consider flexible work arrangements where it meets our business needs. Our banded full time employees enjoy a fortnightly roster day off.

Working Environment

Make friends at lunchtime: Wyndham City has a number of offices and sites located throughout the municipality, some of which have a range of facilities including kitchenettes, vending machines, TVs, billiards and table tennis tables.

Green Office

For a sustainable future: Wyndham City has an active Green Team and new members are always welcome. The Green Team work on initiatives aimed at making our office clean, green and sustainable.

Christmas Club

Save for the Festive Season: Our Staff Christmas Club allows our employees to nominate an amount to be deducted from their fortnightly pay which will then be deposited back in to their account in the last pay schedule in November

Social Club

Get to know your colleagues: Here at Wyndham we have created an environment where our employees have the opportunity to get to know each other both socially and professionally. Our Social Club activities include monthly Happy Hour, an annual Dinner Dance, children’s Christmas Party and group bookings to films and the theatre throughout the year.

Transfer of Benefits

Continued service with Local Government: We value your continued service with local Government. It’s not uncommon for some of our employees to have worked in other Councils and therefore there is the availability of transfer of some service entitlements for Councils within Victoria.

Influenza Immunisation

Creating a healthy workplace: Wyndham City provides annual influenza vaccination at no cost to the employee

Local Government Employee Health Plan

For your peace of mind: Local Government Employee Health Plan offers highly competitive rates for health insurance

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