Sustainable Businesses

Businesses and their employees can get involved in taking sustainable action. Now more than ever organisations and clients are wanting to work with businesses and that have the same sustainability commitments and values. 

Making sustainable choices in your business not only reduces impacts on the environment but can make significant financial savings.   

Here are some resources, programs, education platforms and government rebates available to businesses wanting to incorporate sustainable practices like reducing waste, saving energy, and upskilling their sustainability knowledge.

Western Alliance of Greenhouse Action (WAGA) - Business Support Program

This Council-run program WAGA - Business Support Program outlines a number of easy steps you can take to become more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They can assist you with cutting costs, lowering your energy use and future-proofing your business.

The Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action (WAGA) is a partnership of seven councils to the west of Melbourne including Cities of Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton, Moonee Valley and Wyndham, and the Shire of Moorabool.

WAGA councils work collaboratively to respond to climate change across the region and encourage their communities – residents and businesses – to make a transition to a low carbon society. 

To find out more visit - WAGA - Business Support Program

Victorian Energy Compare

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy costs is to compare energy offers.

Victorian Energy Compare is the Victorian Government's free and independent energy price comparison tool. It compares offers from more than 20 energy retailers across gas, electricity and solar, to help you find the best and cheapest energy offers.

To use Victorian Energy Compare, you'll need access to a device connected to the internet, a recent bill, and some information about your household. Victorian Energy Compare does the rest.

The comparison only takes about 10 minutes, and users can typically save $330 a year on energy costs.

You can find more information on switching retailers and energy plans on the Compare Energy website and Green Electricity Guide website.

Solar Victoria – Solar for Business Program

Solar Victoria delivers the Victorian Government’s Solar for Business Program. Under this program eligible Victorians can apply for a rebate to install solar panels (PV) for their business, with the option of an interest-free loan. Businesses who own their premises and those who rent can both apply for this rebate.

Find out more and check if your business is eligible here: Solar for Business Program | Solar Victoria

Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

Upgrading from inefficient appliances can help businesses cope with cold weather in winter and warm summer temperatures. It is also an ideal way to take control of your energy bills.

On average business can save $3,700. For larger businesses, dollar savings can run into the hundreds of thousands, depending on their upgrades.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program helps businesses access to discounted energy-efficient products and services.

Visit Victorian Energy Upgrades Program for more information.


Does your business have waste that could be re-used or recycled, or would you be interested in procuring second hand materials (usually for free)?

ASPIRE is an online matchmaking tool for exchanging materials (that would otherwise be discarded) from one business to another in order to benefit both businesses and the environment.

Aspire identifies opportunities and connects businesses to turn circular economy behaviours into practical realities by:

  • Reducing costs associated with waste disposal and purchasing new materials
  • Earning money with a new revenue stream
  • Save on C02 emissions using localised solutions and avoiding landfill

For more information visit or contact Council's Waste Education Team on


Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF)

Businesses in Wyndham can access Environmental Upgrade Finance, previously known as Environmental Upgrade Agreements, for projects that help them save money and improve their economic and environmental performance. Wyndham has partnered with Better Building Finance to offer this to local businesses.

Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) is a loan for building upgrade works, repaid via quarterly council rates. A lender provides the upfront capital for the works, which the business then repays through the council rates system over periods of up to 20 years. Council then remits it back to the lender.

To find out more:  Better Building Finance

Alternatively, contact Council’s Sustainability Team on 1300023411 or


Supply Chain Sustainability School

Wyndham City Council, along with many organisations are looking to do business with companies that share the same commitment to sustainability. To ensure your business is up to date with current sustainability practices Wyndham City has partnered the Supply Chain Sustainability School to provide a Sustainability online learning portal.

Register your business on the portal to receive FREE sustainability learning resources and a tailored action plan to make your business more sustainable. Register on website below:

Alternatively, contact Council’s Sustainability Team on 1300 023 411 or

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