Awarded Tenders updated on 4 October 2018.

C1782-16 – C1803/16


Contract Name

Date Awarded

Awarded to


Supply of Minor Building Services


BBK Building, Executive Maintenance & Harris HMC Interiors (VIC) Pty Ltd


Skid Steer Tracked Loader and Transport Trailer


William Adams Pty Ltd


16000kg Minimum GVM Tipping Truck


CMV Truck & Bus Pty Ltd


Aged and Disability Information System


Procura Software Pty Ltd


Princes Highway Service Road Construction


Negri Contractors (Vic.) Pty Ltd


RDF - Supply & Delivery & Installation of an EPA Approval Tarpaulin Style Landfill Cover System


Superior Environmental Services


Open Space Lighting Upgrade


D2 LED Lighting and Design


Construction of Mainview Sports Pavilion & Car Park


Dura (Aust.) Constructions Pty Ltd


Bayview Park Pirate Ship Playground


Warrandale Industries Pty Ltd


Construction of the Kindergarten Playground at Mainview Reserve Truganina


Mark Acar Constructions Pty Ltd


Unnamed Laneway & Thompson Court Reconstruction Works


Negri Contractors (Vic.) Pty Ltd


Tarneit Road - Heaths Road to Hogan's Road Northbound - Reconstruction


Bitu-mill (Road Maintenance) Pty Ltd


Mossfiel Reserve Development Landscape & Sporting Ovals


The Trustee for Forty Three Unit Trust T/A Outlines Landscape Architecture


Beach & Boat Ramp Cleaning


Scapin Contracting Pty Ltd


Supply of Painting Services


Hue Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd


Supply of Painting Services


Todaro Decorative Concepts Pty Ltd, Dwyer's Painting & Maintenance Pty Ltd


Installation of Solar PV System - 8 Wyndham City Locations


Suntrix Commercial Pty Ltd

C1804/17 – C1908/17

Contract#Contract Name Date AwardedAwarded to
C1804/17Snowgum Court Park Upgrade24/10/2016Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd
C1805/17Footpath and Kerb & Channel Reinstatements21/09/2016Paper Street Pty Ltd TA Metroplant & Civil, Prestige Concrete Services, Road Pro Bobcats Pty Ltd
C1806/17Footpath Construction01/12/2016Paper Street Pty Ltd TA Metroplant & Civil, Prestige Concrete Services, Centro Concrete Constructions Pty Ltd
C1807/17Wyndham Cultural Centre Seating Upgrade12/10/2017Maxwood Technology Australia Ltd
C1809/17Supply Delivery & Trade in of One New Compactor - One New Wheel Loader - One New Track Loader for RDF09/01/2017Compactor - GMC Enviro Pty Ltd, Wheel Loader - Onetrack Pty Ltd, Track Loader -William Adams Pty Ltd
C1811/17Baden Powell Drive Reserve Construction13/03/20172Construct Pty Ltd
C1812/17Supply & Installation of Floor Coverings09/12/2016Pickwick Gen Pty Ltd T/A D & M Bell Floors, Moorabool Floors
C1813/17Sportsfield Lighting Works04/01/2017IPower (VIC) T/A Power Street Electrics, Bewired Pty Ltd, Gordon McKay Pty Ltd, McKechnie & Gillespie Pty Ltd
C1814/17Refurbishment works at Wyndham Cultural Centre25/10/2017Regent Construction & Building Services Pty Ltd
C1815/17Price Reserve Upgrade Works15/08/2017Simpson Construction Company Pty Ltd
C1816/17Design Services for the Galvin Park Tennis Pavilion21/11/2016ARTAS Architects Pty Ltd
C1817/17Williams Landing Reserve Construction08/02/2017Landscape Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
C1819/17Road Condition Survey 201605/12/2016Infrastructure Management Group
C1823/17Armstrong Road Construction10/03/2017Winslow Constructors Pty Ltd
C1832/17Truganina East Kindergarten10/11/2016Bestchance Child Family Care
C1834/17Design Services for the Williams Landing Reserve Pavilion20/12/2016Terence Carey Architects Pty Ltd
C1935/18Internal Audit Services08/05/2017Oakton Services Pty Ltd
C1836/17Drainage Repair Works14/12/2017MKS Plumbing Vic Pty Ltd, Allcom Constructions, Paul Ryan Plumbing & Contracting
C1838/17Hoppers Lane Upgrade - Princes Hwy to Sneydes Road21/04/2017Negri Contractors (Vic.) Pty Ltd
C1840/17Electrical Upgrade Works & Installation of Light Poles at Wyndham RDF01/12/2016Commlec Services Pty Ltd
C1841/17Paved Roads Rehabilitation15/03/2017Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd
C1842/17Reconstruction of Cayleys Road Masons Lane & Whites Road19/12/2016Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd
C1843/17Ballan Road Drainage and Recreation Close Rehabilitation Works03/01/2017Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd
C1844/17Three 7500kg Minimum GVM Beavertail Trucks29/12/2017CMV Truck & Bus Pty Ltd
C1845/17197 Watton Street Werribee - Bridge Hotel Building - Commercial Leasing & Managing Agent Services15/12/2017Fitzroys Pty Ltd
C1846/17Tarneit Road Duplication - Between Hogan's Road and Caraleena Drive14/02/2017Winslow Constructors Pty Ltd
C1852/17Solar PV System - 5 Wyndham City Locations07/02/2017Todae Solar Pty Ltd
C1856/17 James Cook Drive Park Construction14/03/2017ULS Group Pty Ltd
C1857/17Landscape Drive Park Construction14/03/2017Simpson Construction Company Pty Ltd
C1858/17 Depot bathroom renovation06/04/2017Harris HMC Maintenance
C1865/17Solar Compactor Bins07/07/2017Solar Bins Australia
C1866/17Mowing Sports Fields25/04/2017ISS Facility Services Pty Ltd
C1867/17Grange & Saltwater Soccer Sports Lighting14/03/2017IPower (VIC) T/A Power Street Electrics
C1868/17At Call Hard and Green Waste Collection Service09/10/2017Four Seasons Waste Pty Ltd
C1869/17Reconstruction of Gracefield Court Stella Avenue and Enea Place19/05/2017Elite Roads Pty Ltd
C1870/17Construction of Mossfiel Sports pavilion and car park Hoppers Crossing02/08/2017Melbcon Pty Ltd
C1871/17Bellbridge Drive Park Construction19/10/2017Ace Landscape Services Pty Ltd
C1872/17Graffiti Removal Service09/11/2017Dwyer's Painting & Maintenance
C1873/17Bulban Rd Reconstruction between Manor Road and Newtons Road10/04/2017Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd
C1874/17Design Services for the New Mossfiel Reserve Pavilion10/05/2017Terence Carey Architects Pty Ltd
C1875/17Fitout Function Room 4,5 & 6 and the Councillors Meeting Room08/05/2017Simbuilt Pty Ltd
C1877/17Library Service Courier Run27/07/2017Golden Messenger Pty Ltd
C1878/17Soldiers Reserve Lighting Upgrade03/05/2017McKechnie & Gillespie Pty Ltd
C1879/17Old Geelong Rd Lawrie Emmins Reserve Entrance BAR Treatment20/03/2018Paper Street Pty Ltd TA Metroplant & Civil
C1880/17Mattress Recycling Service - Wests Road Refuse Disposal Facility, Werribee28/02/2018TIC (Mattress Recycling) Pty Ltd
C1881/17Provision of Caravan Park Management Service - Werribee South Caravan Park03/08/2017Dropmat Braking Pty Ltd
C1882/17Bulban Rd Reconstruction between Ballan Rd and McGraths Rd10/11/2017Negri Contractors (Vic.) Pty Ltd
C1885/17Forsyth Road Duplication Works between Ashcroft Avenue and Sayers Road14/08/2017Negri Contractors (Vic.) Pty Ltd
C1886/17Four Beavertail Trucks22/06/2017CMI Hino Melbourne
C1889/17Corporate Uniform and Personal Protective Equipment05/06/2017Totally Workwear Management Pty Ltd
C1890/17Wyndham Refuse Disposal Facility - GPS Tracking and Landfill Compaction System26/05/2017Position Partners Pty Ltd
C1892/17Wyndham Park Design Services03/10/2017AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
C1893/17 Alterations and Extension to the Point Cook CLC (Main works package)06/09/2017Alchemy Construct Pty Ltd
C1894/17Changing Spaces – SMART Kapp IQ (Civic Centre)20/07/2017Southern Cross Business Machines
C1896/17Supply of Trees, Planting & Maintenance07/12/2017Sevron Pty Ltd
C1897/17Fitout Staff Room to Pilot ABW30/08/2017Simbuilt Pty Ltd
C1898/17Construction of the Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre and the Integrated Family Centre11/12/2017Devco Project & Construction Management Pty Ltd
C1899/17WACC & IFC - Early Works Package - Road and Services Construction27/09/2017Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd
C1900/17Reconstruction of Croxley Close and Citrus Close09/10/2017Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd
C1901/17Printing and graphics related services04/10/2017Snap Werribee, Stemme Creative, Sleek Print Management, Skynd, Pinnacle Print Group, Pace Advertising, Johanna Villani Design
C1902/17Alterations to the Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre12/09/2017ADM Structures Pty Ltd
C1903/17Reconstruction of Boardwalk Boulevard and Dunning's Road05/10/2017Bitu-mill (Road Maintenance) Pty Ltd
C1904/17Reconstruction of Flinders Street and Rothwell Street07/05/2018PatAsh and Civil (Group) Pty Ltd
C1906/17Reconstruction of Galvin Park Tennis pavilion and car park, Werribee13/11/2017Regent Construction & Building Services Pty Ltd
C1907/17Construction of Williams Landing Sports pavilion and car park08/12/2017Blunt Building & Construction Pty Ltd
C1908/17Asphalt Resheet Works06/12/2017Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd, Elite Roads Pty Ltd, Alex Fraser Asphalt Pty Ltd

C1911/18 – C1989/18

Contract#Contract Name Date Awarded Awarded To
C1911/18Alterations to Soldiers Reserve Pavilion06/10/2017Regent Construction & Building Services Pty Ltd
C1912/18Shanahans Road Culvert Upgrade20/12/2017Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd
C1913/18Internal Fitout & Furniture Solution to Implement ABW - Design and Construct24/11/2017United Project Solutions
C1914/18West End Carpark Construction08/10/2017Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd
C1915/18LED Sports Lighting Upgrade - 4 Sites31/10/2017IPower (VIC) T/A Power Street Electrics
C1916/18RDF - Supply & Delivery of a New Dozer08/12/2017William Adams Pty Ltd
C1917/18RDF - Supply & Delivery of a New Compactor08/12/2017William Adams Pty Ltd
C1918/18Engagement of Project Management Services10/10/2017ARUP Pty Ltd
C1919/18Design Services for the New Truganina East Integrated Family Learning Centre16/11/2017Canvas Projects Pty Ltd
C1922/18RDF - Supply & Delivery of a New Water Truck29/05/2018STG Global Pty Ltd
C1923/18Kirksbridge Road (Bridge) Rehabilitation and Painting18/01/2018MAC Coatings Pty Ltd
C1925/18Lead Service Provider for Tarneit North Children's Centre22/11/2017Early Years Child Family Care Network Inc.
C1929/18RDF - Supply of Clay, Fill & Aggregate for Landfill Construction Works23/03/2018LTE Construction Group Pty Ltd, Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd
C1931/18Photographer for Kindergartens22/12/2017Kidding Around Children’s Photography
C1932/18Wyndham Refuse Facility - Landfill Cell 5a Construction08/05/2018DDTLA Pty Ltd TA Teneo
C1933/18MAV NPN04.13 & NPN1.15 - Two Road Suction Sweepers12/12/2017CMI Hino Melbourne
C1935/18Internal Audit Services08/05/2017Oakton Services Pty Ltd
C1936/18Grange Reserve Pitch 1 Upgrade21/11/2017Turf Care and Hire Pty Ltd
C1937/18Conservation Maintenance Services04/07/2018Naturelinks Landscape Management Pty Ltd 
C1938/18Supply & Delivery of a New Excavator01/05/2018CJD Equipment Pty Ltd
C1939/18Extension to Featherbrook Sports Pavilion01/04/2018Regent Construction & Building Services Pty Ltd
C1940/18Extension to The Dunning's Road Sports Pavilion19/04/2018Magellan Projects Pty Ltd
C1942/18Dunning's Road Reserve Cricket Nets07/03/2018Grassports Australia Pty Ltd
C1943/18Supply of Geosynthetic Materials for Cell 5 Construction08/05/2018Geofabrics Australasia Pty Ltd
C1944/18Council Centre's Open Space Maintenance14/09/2018Urban Maintenance Systems Pty Ltd
C1946/18Supply of Geomembrane Materials for Cell 5 Construction18/05/2018DDTLA Pty Ltd TA Teneo
C1947/18Thames Bvd + Others Reconstruction Package08/03/2018MACA Infrastructure Pty Ltd
C1950/18Dunning's Road Sports Lighting Upgrade22/03/2018IPower (VIC) T/A Power Street Electrics
C1951/18Saltwater Reserve Oval 1 Sports Lighting23/03/2018McKechnie & Gillespie Pty Ltd
C1953/18Quantin Binnah Community Centre Playspace16/07/2018Natureform Pty Ltd 
C1954/18Presidents Park Landscape Improvements12/07/2018Ace Landscape Services Pty Ltd
C1959/18Supply & Delivery of Non-Standard Street Lighting Components 09/08/2018Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd 
C1966/18Werribee Outdoor Pool Filter System Replacement22/05/2018Commercial Aquatics Australia
C1967/18Heritage Wooden Grand Stand Reinstatement (Chirnside Park)03/07/2018Stokes Rousseau (SR Projects)
C1970/18Reference Design Works for Leakes Road and Tarneit Road29/05/2018Beveridge Williams & Co Pty Ltd
C1974/18Activity Centre Planning Framework31/07/2018SGS Economics and Planning Pty Ltd
C1977/18Annual Community Satisfaction Surveys27/08/2018Metropolis Research Pty Ltd
C1976/18Encore Kitchen Refurbishment04/06/2018Cedar Hospitality Supplies Pty Ltd
C1982/18Changing Spaces Workspace Efficiency - Change Readiness13/06/2018Puzzle Partners Consulting Pty Ltd 
C1986/18Electricity - Large Sites and Unmetered Public Lighting01/07/2018ERM Power Retail Pty Ltd
C1987/18Electricity - Small Sites01/07/2018AGL Sales Pty Limited
C1988/18Gas - Large Sites01/07/2018Origin Energy (Vic) Pty Ltd
C1989/18Gas - Small Sites01/07/2018Origin Energy (Vic) Pty Ltd
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