Werribee City Centre Planning and Development

The Werribee City Centre is ‘The Heart of Wyndham’ and ‘The Capital of Melbourne’s New West. It is home to 430 businesses, employs over 1,600 people across 15 industry sectors, produces a total estimated output of $400 million per annum, and is Wyndham’s designated principal activity centre.

The community vision is for the Werribee City Centre to continue to grow as a vibrant, active place for people, embracing its river and central park setting. A vibrant strong and growing Werribee City Centre is needed to anchor Wyndham’s rapid population growth, by providing additional local jobs, independent business opportunities, local services, city living opportunities, and places for events, community recreation and culture.

The Werribee City Centre Structure Plan details the vision and strategic plan for the City Centre. The Structure Plan was adopted by Council in 2013, following extensive community consultation engaging hundreds of community members, an extended public exhibition process, and a full Wyndham Planning Scheme Amendment process.

Schedule 1 to the Activity Centre Zone specifies the planning requirements and guidelines for new development in the Werribee City Centre. Schedule 1 to the Parking Overlay specifies the parking provisions for new development in the Werribee City Centre. These policies were incorporated in the Wyndham Planning Scheme in 2015 as part of Wyndham Planning Scheme Amendments C150 and C151.

Werribee City Centre Planning Documents

Wyndham City Council is commencing a process to refresh the strategic planning framework for the Werribee City Centre.

For further information contact Wyndham City’s Economy, Design & Place Department via email mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au or 1300 023 411.

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