Amendment C219 – Quandong Precinct Structure Plan

The Wyndham Planning Scheme Amendment C219 Quandong Precinct Structure Plan was Adopted by Council at the 7 May 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The Amendment C219 Will now be submitted to the Department for assessment and approval by the Minister for Planning.

Land affected by the Amendment

The amendment applies to the Quandong Precinct (the Precinct) – 153 hectares of land located approximately 33 kilometres west of the Melbourne CBD. The Precinct is bounded by Ballan Road to the north east, Manor Lakes Precinct to the south, and the Outer Metropolitan Ring/ E6 Transport Corridor (OMR) reservation to the west. The location of the Precinct is illustrated on the map below.

MAP 1 – C219 Amendment Area

MAP 1 – C219 Amendment Area

What the Amendment does

The amendment proposes to make changes to the Wyndham Planning Scheme (the Scheme) to facilitate the development of land within the Precinct in accordance with the vision of urban growth outlined in the Quandong Precinct Structure Plan, November 2018 and the West Growth Corridor Plan. It proposes to rezone part of the land to Urban Growth Zone (UGZ16) to enable the development of urban uses. The amendment also proposes to apply the Incorporated Plan Overlay Schedule (IPO5) to the BCS Conservation Area 13, which will remain as Rural Conservation Zone (RCZ), as well as make a number of other changes to the Scheme.

Amendment Documents Adopted by Council

Explanatory report

Instruction sheet

Clauses and schedules

Map sheets

Incorporated documents

Exhibition and submissions

The amendment was publicly exhibited from 19 April 2018 to 21 May 2018. The exhibition version of the amendment documents can be viewed on the Department’s amendments website:

Amendment C219  


Wyndham Planning Scheme Amendment C243 – Public Acquisition Overlay - Tarneit & Sayers Roads, Hoppers Crossing


Wyndham Planning Scheme Amendment C243 Diagram

Notice of the preparation of an amendment

Amendment C243

The Wyndham City Council has prepared Amendment C243 to the Wyndham Planning Scheme.

The land affected by the amendment applies to the front 12 metres of 72 properties on the south side of the Sayers Road, between Tarneit Road and Morris Road, Hoppers Crossing, and 25 properties on the east side of Tarneit Road, between Sayers Road and Hogans Road, Hoppers Crossing.

The amendment seeks to apply a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) in order to facilitate the construction of a future service road.

Specifically, the Amendment:

  • Amends the Public Acquisition Overlay maps 11PAO and 12PAO to include land required for the ‘Tarneit and Sayers Roads service road’

Why is the amendment required?

The Amendment is required to acquire land for the construction of a future service road to safely manage vehicle access onto Tarneit and Sayers Roads. The Amendment reserves land for a public purpose and designates Wyndham City Council as the acquiring authority for this land.

Where you may inspect this Amendment

You may inspect the amendment, any documents that support the amendment and the explanatory report about the amendment, free of charge, at the following locations:

  • during office hours, at Wyndham City Council, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee VIC 3030.

  • at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website

How to Comment

Any person who may be affected by the draft amendment may make their views known in writing to the Wyndham City Council. 

The closing date for comments Monday 23 September 2019.

Comments must be made in writing, referencing C243 – PUBLIC ACQUISITION OVERLAY – TARNEIT AND SAYERS ROAD

and sent to:

Wyndham City Council
45 Princes Highway

Alternatively, comments may be e-mailed to: with reference Amendment C243.

Amendment Documents


Amendment C243 to the Wyndham Planning Scheme seeks to apply a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) to the front 12 metres of properties on the south side of Sayers Road (between Morris Road and Tarneit Road) and east side of Tarneit Roads (between Sayers Road and Hogans Road), Hoppers Crossing.

Wyndham Planning Scheme Amendment C243 Map

The PAO will facilitate the development of a service road, which has been identified in a Traffic Impact Assessment as the appropriate road management strategy to safely manage traffic entering onto these arterial roads.

Service Road concept plans have been prepared to define the extent of the service road and land required under the PAO.

Three information drop in sessions were held in May and June to enable Council officers to provide information on the planning, acquisition and compensation and engineering issues, and for landowners to ask questions and raise issues.

Below is a list of the nature of issues raised by landowners. Responses to issues raised in written submissions made during the public exhibition process of the planning scheme amendment to introduce the PAO into the planning scheme will be prepared as part of council’s consideration of submissions.


  • Timing of PAO
  • Reduced lot sizes in the Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) and further subdivision
  • Housing and Neighbourhood Character Study and impact on ability to develop
  • Zoning of properties to maintain character of the area
  • Definition of "Infrastructure Constrained”
  • Potential for new sewer line

Property - Acquisition and Compensation

  • Assessment of land value
  • Impact of PAO on property values
  • Timing between Amendment and Acquisition
  • Reinstatement of landscaping and fencing
  • Options for buildings within 6m setback from the service road

Service Road design

  • Main objective of the service road
  • Proposed 12m easement for service road, and potential use of centre median
  • Option for service road to be narrower. 
  • Use of the existing road reserve for the service road
  • Cost of relocating services vs cost of service road
  • Clarification of service road access points
  • Entry/exit point locations for commercial properties
  • Impact of reduced parking for commercial operations and existing permit requirements
  • location of service road exits and access to other lanes and central median breaks ( U-Turn facility)
  • formalisation of U-turn provision at intersections.
  • Interaction of signalised intersections (service lane access points located to align with intersections) and distances to U-turn points;
  • Implications for properties with two crossovers and traffic signal access
  • Parking along service road and management of on street parking
  • Potential for on-street parking blocking access for emergency vehicles

Amenity concerns

  • potential impact on locally significant trees within properties on Sayers Road
  • Impact on existing large front yards, enjoyment of premises and future development potential

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Diana Rice Email or Kristien Van den Bossche Email: or Tel: (03) 8734 5488 ext. 4789 or 9742 0792.

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