The Grants Team is here to support you.  We have a range of support tools and resources to assist you with grant writing and project planning.  Here you will find tools, factsheets, templates and other supports to assist you to achieve successful project outcomes.

All About Grants

The Community Grants Program Guidelines

The Community Grants Program Guidelines provide information about available grants and scholarships, how to apply, who is eligible, what is eligible, the assessment criteria, along with what types of activities aligned to community priorities (Community Vision, council’s strategic plans and strategies).

View the Community Grants Program Guidelines

Project Planning Toolkit

Project Plan

Having a Project Plan is a great way to develop a project idea and assists with the assessment of your funding application.  A Project Plan allows you to plan out all the tasks and activities you will need to do to undertake your project and demonstrates to grant application assessors the level of planning you have undertaken.  

You are welcome to create your own Project Plan, or you can use the template here.

Download: Wyndham City Community Grants Program - Project Plan Template

Event Planning Guide

Planning an event in Wyndham? Understand your obligations as an event organiser in Wyndham by downloading this helpful guide.  

Download: the Event Planning Guide

Marketing and Communications Plan

A Marketing and Communication Plan can assist you in planning promotional activities for your project. Attached as a supporting document, it could also support your grant application to demonstrate how you will attract participants to your project.

You are welcome to create your own template, or you can use the template here. 

Download: Wyndham City Community Grants Program - Marketing and Communication Plan Template

Council Information

Wyndham 2040 Community Vision

The Community Grants Program offers simple, broad categories and funding streams, allowing community groups and not-for-profit organisations the opportunity to develop and lead innovative projects that will further support and strengthen the Wyndham community that aligns with the community’s voice through the Wyndham 2040 Community Vision.

This is our community’s vision for Wyndham; it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with this document before applying for a grant.

View: Wyndham 2040 Community Vision

Council Strategies

The Community Grants Program is aligned to council’s Wyndham 2040 Community Vision, the Council Plan, and the many other Strategies and Plans council has developed in consultation with the Wyndham community.  If you need support to identify the best strategies or plans you project is or can align to, please contact the relevant council department for assistance.

View Council’s Plans, Policies and Strategies

How To Invite Councillors To A Community Funded Event

Whether you have received funding from Wyndham’s Community Grants Program or not, you can invite the Mayor and Councillors to your event or project activities.  You can do this by completing an online form.

On the form, please include which Wyndham grant your project received, and if you wish to request a Councillor to speak at your event, also indicate this on the form. You are encouraged to attached flyers of your event to the online form.

Please note: Councillors have very full schedules so there is no guarantee that they will be available for your event date.  However, as the event organiser you will be notified by your RSVP date which Councillors are available to attend.

Complete the Councillor Invitation Form

Further Information

Grant Application Assistance

If you have an idea for a project that you think might be eligible for funding, and have already read the Guidelines and need support, the Grants Team are here to help.  The Grants Team have a broad range of knowledge and experience that can support you to develop your project’s idea, and we can provide guidance with your funding application.  We can also connect you with another council officer who has expertise in your project’s field.

Support you can receive:

  • Brainstorming your ideas
  • Application budget advice (including co-contribution requirements)
  • Clarification on application questions
  • Identifying risks within your project
  • Connecting you to areas of Council that relate to your projects

The Grants Team also offer short presentations to community groups/not-for-profit organisation leaders seeking to apply for Wyndham City funding.

For assistance please contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team on 1300 023 411 or email

Training Workshops

Wyndham City conducts regular training, including Community Grants Information Sessions and Grant Writing Workshops to support applicants to better understand the grants program, as well as to develop grant writing and project planning skills.  

This training can be found at the Volunteer and Community Group Training webpage

Multilingual Service

Wyndham is a culturally rich community and as the fastest growing municipality in Victoria, is increasingly becoming a more culturally and linguistically diverse community, with 30 per cent of residents speaking a language other than English at home, and over 100 languages other than English spoken by Wyndham residents.

The pre-recorded information from Multilingual Services covers all essential services provided by Wyndham City such as Maternal and Child Health, Kindergarten Services, Aged and Disability, Rates, Infringements and Animal Registration, Waste and Recycling, Town Planning and Building Permits and Services.

Residents can also be automatically connected to an interpreter if required.

Wyndham City encourages residents from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to make use of this service by calling the following numbers.

  • Arabic 9321 5411
  • Filipino 9321 5412
  • Greek 9321 5413
  • Hindi 9321 5414
  • Italian 9321 5415
  • Karen 9321 5416 
  • Maltese 9321 5417
  • Mandarin 9321 5418
  • Spanish 9321 5419
  • Vietnamese 9321 5420
  • English 9321 5422

Other Languages 9321 5421 

Source: ABS, Regional Population Growth, 2010 –11 (Cat. no. 3218.0)

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, data, Census of Population and Housing 2011. Analysis and graphics Wyndham City.

Pandemic Management (DFFH Latest Advice)

Living through pandemic times can be challenging when organising community projects and events.

Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest government advice and regulations and be prepared to pivot your activities accordingly

Visit the COVID website

How To Become An Incorporated Group

Do you and your fellow community members have a desire to formalise as a group so that you can apply for Community Grants above $500?  Maybe you need to consider becoming an Incorporated group.

Being Incorporated allows community groups or associations to receive recognition as a legal entity separate from its members and offers some protection from any debts or liabilities incurred by the group.  An Incorporated group or association cannot make a profit and needs to abide by relevant legislations.

To find out more about becoming an Incorporated entity visit Consumer Affairs Victoria.

How to register to become an incorporated association resource video.

To find out how to register to become an incorporated association resource visit the Consumer Vic website.

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