Planning an event in Wyndham? Our Events Planning Guide should be your primary resource to understand your obligations as an event organiser.

As the organiser of an event in Wyndham, it is your responsibility to ensure that all required permits are obtained and any relevant legislation is complied with.

The guide is designed to help you plan a safe and successful event, give you advice as to how to develop event plans of a reasonable standard, and navigate you through the necessary permit process specific to the Wyndham municipality.

The Event Planning Guide covers:

Section One: Helpful Event Information
Section Two: Permits
Section Three: Risk & Emergency Management
Section Four: Event Contacts

The guide has been tailored to help all event organisers, no matter what the size, scale or nature of your event. Whether you are staging a small event for select group of people, or a ticketed major event in a high profile area, this guide will step you through the requirements relevant for your event.

Key Links

  • To hold an event on public open space you will need to fill in an Open Space Application Form which will then be assessed by a representative in the City Presentation and Recreation Department.
  • No matter the nature or size of your event, your event will have risk. It is your responsibility as the event organiser to identify and manage these risks. Event organisers can effectively manage risk by anticipating, understanding and making sensible decisions on how to manage and control risk. This process is called risk management and in order to know what risk needs to be managed a risk assessment needs to be conducted. For assistance view the Risk Assessment example.
  • If your event impacts the normal use of roads in and around your event site, then you may need to apply for permission to temporarily change the normal use of the roadways. This will involve engaging a traffic management company to develop and implement a traffic management plan in accordance with Australia standards. Once you have received the Traffic Management plan you need to submit the plan along with Wyndham’s Traffic Management Application form.

If you have any questions about running an event in Wyndham that are not answered in these documents, please contact Wyndham City’s Major Events Team on 03 9742 0777 or



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