The Community Infrastructure Levy helps cover the cost of infrastructure in new communities including outdoor recreation areas, community centres and libraries.

Development Contributions Plans are part of the Wyndham Planning Scheme, and outline the infrastructure to be funded by the CIL in various areas.

In Wyndham, the developer normally pays the Community Infrastructure Levy direct to Council before each new residential lot is created.

However, a different arrangement now applies in respect of the following list of Estates in Wyndham where the Landowner is required to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy, prior to the issue of a Building Permit.

  • Albright Estate, Truganina
  • Alwood Estate, Werribee
  • Cornerstone Estate, Werribee
  • Elements Estate, Truganina
  • Elpis Estate, Truganina
  • Emerald Park Estate, Tarneit
  • Habitat Estate, Tarneit
  • Harpley Estate, Werribee
  • Jubilee Estate, Wyndham Vale
  • Kings Leigh Estate (Stages 6-14 only), Werribee
  • Little Green Estate, Tarneit
  • Newhaven Estate, Tarneit
  • Orchard Estate, Tarneit
  • Riverdale Village Estate, Tarneit
  • Rothwell East Estate, Tarneit
  • The Glen Estate, Wyndham Vale
  • The Grove Estate, Tarneit
  • The Haven Estate, Tarneit
  • Upper Point Cook Estate, Point Cook
  • Verdant Hill Estate, Tarneit
  • Westbrook Estate, Truganina

The Community Infrastructure Levy must be paid prior to the issuing of a building permit for each dwelling in these estates. It is compulsory under Section 24(5) of the Building Act 1993.

With effect from 11 October 2016, this is $1,150 per dwelling (the limit amount for CIL payments as set by the Planning & Environment Act 1987 46(L)(2)).

Pay your community infrastructure levy

Enquiries about the Community Infrastructure Levy should be emailed to Wyndham City’s Strategic Planning Unit

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