Looking for ways to keep the book club flame alive during isolation, or want to start something new?

The resources and tips below are designed to give your club some ideas for how you can continue to stay connected and discuss great titles.

Join one of the library’s online book programs

If you aren’t part of an existing book club, or your group is taking a break during self-isolation, you might want to take part in an online program.

Virtual Book Club


For an online version of a traditional book club, read the book nominated by us (and available in our e-collection) and join in the conversation online.

All books chosen for Virtual Book Club are always available in RBdigital - which means that you can download and read them anytime.

Each title will be announced in advance, along with the access code for the web meeting.

View upcoming meetings and register


Follow #WyndhamReads on Facebook and Instagram to find out what Wyndham library staff and community members are reading. Post your own reviews and recommendations online, using the hashtag.

Finding books for your club

Wyndham Libraries e-collection

Check out the 'always available' eBook and eAudio sections of the RB Digital app to find books available for your whole club to read at the same time. There's a mix of classics and new fiction and non-fiction to choose from:


Project Gutenberg Australia

Project Gutenberg collects works which are in the public domain in Australia; mostly classics and older titles:



Other libraries

Many other public library services will allow you to join online for near instant access to their e-resources. We've listed a few examples below: 


Local bookstores

At the time of writing many local bookstores are closed to the public, however, most are still filling online and phone orders.

Stores in Wyndham include:


Robinsons Bookstore



Check the Australian Bookseller's Association to find many more local bookstores:

Publisher websites

You can purchase books and eBooks directly from the publisher. Some of Australia's biggest publishing houses are listed below to get you started:


Tip: Check the publisher website for book club discussion notes and author biographies as well!

Your home bookshelf

You could try themed book club discussions for each month, if your group can't decide on or source the same title.

Ideas include:

  • Genre e.g. crime, romance
  • Australian authors
  • Non-fiction
  • Books with authors whose last names start with…
  • Books with blue covers

Connecting with your book club

Conference calls

If you’re unsure whether your book club members have the internet, or if they prefer to chat over the phone, conference calls are a good option. All you need is phone reception.

Conference call, iPhone: 

  • Up to 5 people
  • Extra charges may apply; check your provider


Conference call, Android

  • Up to 6 people
  • Extra charges may apply; check your provider


Conference call apps: visit Google Play or Apple App Store to browse phone conferencing apps and find one which suits you.

Landline calls: check instructions for your phone and provider.

Online audio, video, or text chats

There are a range of different options to chat in groups online. We've listed some of the more popular options below - make sure to check the features, terms and conditions, and privacy policies to decide which option is best for your group.



Google Hangouts




Some groups have been emailing each other reviews of their book of the month. You could send around a questionnaire, exchange reviews, or start an email chain.

Discussion guides

Once you've decided on a title you can look in some of the places below to find conversation prompts.

Online sources

  • Publisher websites – if you look up the title you are reading, sometimes the publisher’s website will include discussion notes, and author biographies
  • LitLovers.com – this website has over 3,500 sets of book club questions, as well as generic questions to choose from
  • Search for the title and book club questions/discussion in your favourite search engine. E.g. A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens book club questions

Questions for download

If you can’t find questions for your chosen book, these generic starter questions may help:

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