The Wyndham Planning Scheme comprises state and local planning policies, Council's Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS), zoning maps and planning controls which specify how land in the municipality may be used and developed.

The scheme contains:

  • The objectives of planning in Victoria
  • Purposes of the Planning Scheme
  • A User Guide
  • A State Planning Policy Framework
  • A Local Planning Policy Framework (including the Municipal Strategic Statement)
  • Zone and Overlay provisions
  • Particular provisions
  • Definitions
  • Incorporated documents

The State Planning Policy Framework covers strategic issues of state importance. It lists policies under six headings – Settlement, Environment, Housing, Economic development, Infrastructure, and particular uses and development. Every Planning Scheme in Victoria contains this policy framework, which is identical in all schemes.

The Local Planning Policy Framework contains a Municipal Strategic Statement and Local Planning Policies. The Framework identifies long term directions for land use and development in the municipality; presents a vision for its community and other stakeholders; and provides the rationale for the zone and overlay requirements and particular provisions in the scheme.

The zone and overlay requirements and particular provisions show:

  • The type of use and development allowed in each zone
  • Additional requirements for subdivision, buildings and works on land that is affected by an overlay
  • Requirements for any specific uses and development
  • The general provisions provide information on the administration of this scheme and other related matters. Definitions advise on the meaning of words in this scheme

Zones & Overlays of Your Land

Zones and overlays show how your land can be used and developed. Every property in Wyndham is zoned and this indicates the preferred land uses in an area.

Some properties also have overlay controls.  Overlay controls protect things like heritage and vegetation or show areas that need special care (such as flood prone areas).

Zoning and overlay information can be found by visiting the Land Vic website.

Council duty planners can also inform you of the zoning and overlay information at the planning counter during working hours (8am-5pm Monday to Friday).

Note: Wyndham City does not give out zoning or overlay information over the phone. The reason for this is to ensure that correct advice is issued. When dealing with such matters over the phone there can be confusion or a lack of clarity over the land that is being discussed, and so to ensure that the correct advice is given, it is necessary to discuss at the front counter (or in writing via the Planning Controls Information Request) whereby the land can be identified clearly on Councils’ GIS systems

You will also need to check a current copy of title of the land to ensure there are no restrictive covenants or any agreements or any other restrictions. These may be obtained by visiting the Land Vic website.

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