Wyndham City Council is committed to improving the standard of new developments within the municipality. By valuing each tree as an integral part of an urban forest network, the high rate of urban growth in the municipalities’ growth areas provides an opportunity to expand a healthy tree population that benefits the community and the environment.

Well-designed public open space with innovated landscape design is vital for sustainable communities. With the increasingly smaller lots, with smaller backyards and greater hard-surfaces, public open space and well treed streetscapes are vital in reducing the ‘urban heat island’ effect and reducing the environmental impact of new developments.

Through subdivision development proposals, Council works with developers to provide accessible and attractive local parks to meet the community needs and deliver attractive and vibrant streetscapes, waterway and wetland areas, increasing civic pride, local identity and community ownership over the public domain.

Landscape Urban Design Subdivisions Department (LUDS) is responsible for Council’s statutory responsibilities under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and Subdivision Act 1988 within the municipalities growth areas, ensuring that permit obligations are implemented and completed.

LUDS contributes to the negotiation and approval of all developer delivered public open space and is involved from the pre-permit and post permit planning stage, providing referral and technical advice in relation to all urban design components of subdivisions, through to the review and approval of detailed landscape design construction drawings.

Please submit your landscape submission, together with a completed checklist and any supporting documentation, to subdivlud@wyndham.vic.gov.au or alternatively via Objective Connect.

For further information please contact the Landscape Subdivisions Admin team at subdivlud@wyndham.vic.gov.au.


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