The Wyndham City Play Space Strategy outlines Council’s commitment to the provision of inclusive and accessible play spaces across the municipality. The strategy recognises the importance of formal and informal play opportunities and the contribution that these spaces make for community wellbeing and social connectedness.

Importantly, while children are the primary audience, the strategy aims to make “play” available to the whole community.  A key outcome of the strategy is achieving multi-generational use of parks and play spaces by ensuring they are attractive to a broad range of ages and abilities.

Implementation of the strategy will ensure that Council’s existing play spaces are upgraded to include facilities that cater for and challenge a wide age group and people of all abilities. The strategy provides for nature-based play opportunities and enhanced tree planting to encourage the visitation and use of our play spaces.

The strategy will also be valuable in guiding the outcomes of developer-delivered play spaces and ensuring a network view of the play spaces throughout the municipality.

The Wyndham City Play Space Strategy has the following vision:

Wyndham will provide a good distribution of play opportunities that:

  • Welcome and include people of all ages, genders, cultures and abilities;
  • Enhance child development and independent mobility;
  • Create a connection with community and nature; and
  • Are sustainable for Council to manage.

The strategy identifies nine Goals (see below) that are supported by guiding principles with key discussion points about the issues and recommendations.

Goal 1. Provide more opportunities for children to play

Goal 2. Provide a better understanding of the value of play and opportunities available

Goal 3. Provide an equitable distribution of play space for everyone

Goal 4. Enhance the quality and play value of local parks

Goal 5. Provide inclusive play opportunities

Goal 6. Provide a planned diversity of play opportunities, for an increasingly diverse range of experiences and child development

Goal 7. Design better connectivity between play spaces and residential developments

Goal 8. Establish more canopy trees and nature play elements

Goal 9. Ensure sustainable infrastructure planning, development and renewal of play spaces

The strategy is accompanied by an Implementation Plan which is located at the rear of the strategy, following Appendix 3. The Implementation Plan identifies priorities and estimates of probable cost for each planning districts.

For further information contact Simon Finlay Coordinator Landscape Creation and Asset Management Tel 0427 400 209


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