You can apply for a building permit from Wyndham Building Permits for building projects throughout Victoria.

You may also apply for a building permit from other councils who provide this service or a private registered building surveyor.

How to apply for a Building Permit

  • Submit your completed application form with the required documents and pay the permit fee:
    • in person at Wyndham City Civic Centre, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee VIC;
    • by mail enclosing your cheque to Wyndham City Council, PO Box 197, Werribee VIC 3030; or
    • by email to

Wyndham Building Permits will issue you with a receipt when you submit your building permit application and pay the fee.

Protection of Council Assets

Prior to commencement to building work (including work that does not require a building permit) Wyndham City must be notified about what, if any damage already exists to road assets, footpaths, kerb and channel, drainage pits, nature strips etc.

What is asset protection?

  • Asset Protection aids Wyndham City in ensuring public assets (road assets, footpaths, kerb and channel, drainage pits, nature strips etc) and infrastructure are not damaged as a result of building work (including demolition work) being carried out in the municipality.
  • To ensure that these assets are not left damaged as a result of building work, Wyndham City requires that, under Community Amenity Local Law , prior to commencement of works (including work that does not require a building permit) Wyndham City must be notified about any damage that already exists.

Notify Wyndham City of asset damage

  • Builders / contractors vehicles and machines can cause damage to Wyndham City assets (footpaths, kerb and channel etc). If notification is not received by builders / contractors, the costs associated with repairing builders damage would be borne by ratepayers. If this were to occur services to residents and capital works programs would suffer reductions in expenditure.

The Builder / Permit holder has the responsibility to:

  • Within five days prior to the commencement of construction the builder/permit holder must give written notice to Wyndham City of existing damage to any council assets in the form of a Pre Commencement Report. This report should be emailed to You will receive a generated response to your email and this is confirmation that Report has been received.
  • Please note no other confirmation will be sent and no fees or bonds will be charged.

Following occupancy

  • Once building works are complete and as soon as practicable following issue of the occupancy permit. Council will conduct an inspection of its assets. Damage identified during this inspection will be noted and the report forwarded to you (the builder). The builder will then be required to undertake repair of the identified damage by their contractors/providers within 28 days of receipt of notification.

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy helps cover the cost of infrastructure in new communities including outdoor recreation areas, community centres and libraries.

The Community Infrastructure Levy must be paid prior to the issuing of a building permit for each dwelling in these estates. It is compulsory under Section 24(5) of the Building Act 1993.

Find out more about the Community Infrastructure Levy

Termite Protection

The National Construction Code requires that only primary building elements including roof, ceiling, floor, stairway or ramp and wall framing members require protection against termite attack. Termite protection can be provided by a number of accredited systems including chemical barriers, graded particle barriers, sheet metal barriers or composite systems comprising both physical and chemical barrier systems.

You should research each accredited termite protection method and choose the appropriate system that suits their financial constraints and construction methodology. Building owners should incorporate routine termite inspection as part of their normal maintenance inspection of their buildings.

Termite Management

Termite management involves reducing the chances that major damage is caused to your house by termite infestations. Termites cause more damage to Australian houses than fire, floods and storms combined – damage that is not covered by household insurance. 

For details on termites and termite management visit the Victorian Building Authority - Termite Management website.

Variation or extension of time for a building permit

If your building permit was issued by Wyndham Building Permits you can apply to vary the permit or apply to Wyndham City Council for an extension of time to complete the works.

Occupancy Permit

If your building permit was issued by Wyndham Building Permits, you can apply for an occupancy permit from Wyndham City Council when the final inspection is booked. There is no additional charge if works are completed before the completion date listed on the building permit.

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