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Term 2, 2024

a caterpillar made of tiny pom poms and googly eyes on a paper leaf


PDF fileAnimal Crack the Code(PDF, 350.04 KB)

PDF fileAnimal Gingerbread Biscuit Recipe(PDF, 2.06 MB)

PDF fileAnimal Word Find(PDF, 589.24 KB)

PDF fileDraw a Cartoon Shark(PDF, 613.49 KB)

PDF filePaper Chain Jellyfish(PDF, 765.26 KB)

PDF filePaper Plate Turtle(PDF, 736.6 KB)

PDF filePom Pom Caterpillar(PDF, 477.64 KB)

PDF fileRainbow Lorikeet(PDF, 1.17 MB)

PDF fileSnake Pipe Cleaners(PDF, 2.78 MB)

Mother's Day

PDF fileAbstract Heart Pattern Artwork(PDF, 826.31 KB)

PDF fileLetter to Mum(PDF, 50.73 KB)

PDF fileMother's Day Activities(PDF, 487.5 KB)

PDF fileStar Wars Mother's Day Card(PDF, 350.59 KB)

PDF fileTissue Rose(PDF, 973.05 KB)

an alien made from paper and craft supplies

Space Week

PDF fileAlien Masks(PDF, 435.35 KB)

PDF fileAlien Spaceship(PDF, 344.62 KB)

PDF filePaper Alien(PDF, 309.38 KB)

PDF fileRockets and Space Colouring(PDF, 931.55 KB)

PDF fileSpace Aliens - Crack the Code(PDF, 598.66 KB)

PDF fileSpace Chatterbox(PDF, 519.33 KB)

PDF fileSpace Scribble(PDF, 1.53 MB)

PDF fileSpace Word Find(PDF, 200.66 KB)

PDF fileStories from Space(PDF, 436.05 KB)

PDF fileWrite Your Own Space Stories(PDF, 1.8 MB)

Star Wars

PDF fileDesign your own Lightsaber.(PDF, 1.59 MB)

PDF fileGalaxy Jar(PDF, 585.7 KB)

PDF fileGrogu Bookmark(PDF, 25.5 KB)

PDF filePaper Millennium Falcon(PDF, 576.4 KB)

PDF filePhotographs with Star Wars Lego(PDF, 1.18 MB)

PDF fileStar Wars Bookmark(PDF, 419.28 KB)

PDF fileStar Wars Chatterbox(PDF, 628.34 KB)

PDF fileStar Wars Crack the Code(PDF, 614.32 KB)

PDF fileStar Wars Teacher's Card(PDF, 289.97 KB)

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