Victorian Container Deposit Scheme (CDS Vic)

Wyndham residents are now able to claim 10c per eligible beverage container they return through the Victorian Container Deposit scheme (CDS Vic).

CDS Vic is a Victorian Government initiative that aims to reduce litter in our streets and waterways and increase recycling rates. The scheme also creates hundreds of new jobs and provides economic opportunities for individuals, charities, and community groups.

Container deposit schemes are a great example of the circular economy at work. A circular economy is a system where materials never become waste. Instead, these materials are kept in circulation for as long as possible through processes such as recycling.

Wyndham City Council is not involved in setting up or managing the container deposit scheme. TOMRA Cleanaway is the network operator of the western zone that is responsible for setting up and managing the refund collection points in Wyndham City Council, and ensuring customers receive their 10c refund. Any questions directly related to the scheme, including receiving your refund please direct to TOMRA Cleanaway.

How it works

  1. Collect eligible containers
  2. Take eligible containers to a return point. To find your nearest return point:
  3. Refund payments will be made via vouchers, electronic payments or cash depending on which refund point you visit. You can also donate your refunds to participating charities and local community groups.
  4. Containers will be taken by Tomra Cleanaway and recycled into new items, contributing to a circular economy!

For more information, go to:

Eligible containers

Eligible containers

Most small aluminium, glass, plastic and liquid paperboard (carton) drink containers are eligible.

The easiest way to see if a container or eligible is to look for the 10c mark on the drink container label. It is often located near the barcode.

A few handy tips to receive your refund:

  • Don’t crush containers, as most refund points can't accept them if containers have been crushed.
  • Leave the lids on – they will become part of the circular economy and will be made into new products.
  • Leave the label on - Eligible containers need to have a clearly visible barcode to be accepted at most return points.
  • Ensure containers are empty, they don’t need to be washed.

For more information on eligible containers, go to:

Ineligible containers

Ineligible containers

CDS Vic focuses on beverage containers that are common litter items. It doesn’t include wine or spirit bottles – or larger items that are usually found in the home.

Therefore, the below items aren’t accepted for return:

  • Plain and alternative milk containers of all sizes (bottles and cartons)
  • Flavoured milk containers of 1L or more
  • Glass wine and spirit bottles (of any size)
  • Cordial or syrup bottles
  • Juice containers 1L and over
  • Household food containers (e.g. tuna cans).

Look for the 10c mark on the label, if it does not appear on the label then it may not be eligible for return.

Remember that most ineligible containers can still be accepted in the yellow lidded co-mingled recycling bin at home, Except for long-life milk, alternative milk, and juice cartons (foil-lined cardboard packaging).

For more information on eligible containers, go to:

For more information on what can and can’t go into our kerbside mixed recycling bin, Please see our household bin services information.

Return points

Residents can return their eligible containers at Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) or participating Over the Counter (OTC) stores located around Wyndham.

To find the most up to date information about return point locations and opening hours, go to:

Please note the open hours for the return point as the do vary.

Becoming a registered donation partner

CDS Vic gives charities, community groups, schools and sporting groups new ways to benefit from refunds by:

  • collecting containers
  • registering as a donation partner to receive refund donations from others
  • holding a ‘Bottles and Cans Drive’ collection initiative
  • becoming a registered refund point host

Groups and individuals who are interested in fundraising through CDS Vic can find out more information and apply by visiting:

For more information on CDS Vic, see theCDS Vic website.

For more information about our network partner, Please go to the TOMRA Cleanaway website.

For more information on what can and can’t go into our kerbside mixed recycling bin, Please see our household bin services information

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