Wyndham City holds a significant permanent art collection including over 245 contemporary works of art including painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, public art, works on paper, ceramics, textile and inflatables.

A selection of these works can be viewed on the Victorian Collections Database.

Wyndham City has four priority themes for artwork acquisition. These are:


First Nations Foregrounding is an approach that preferences First Nations knowing and being to work with place, story and connection.


Artworks that engage with the unique natural, built and cultural landscapes of Wyndham while considering growth, societal and suburban change.


Work that reflects the past, present and future communities of Wyndham, creating a space for a uniquely Wyndham cultural character.


Works that engage with new mediums and forms of artmaking while creating space for all the possible futures that a young and emerging cosmopolis can generate.

If you have further enquiries about the permanent collection contact:
Olivia Poloni, Visual Art Curator

Image: Michael Cook, Nature Morte (Veiled Bird), 2021, Inkjet print. Image courtesy of the artist. Wyndham City Collection.

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