Tips to help your pet avoid Fireworks frights

  • Take your dog for a nice long walk on the day of the fireworks. This way they will not have as much excess energy to be anxious or excited
  • If you know your pet is afraid of loud noises, make them a safe place inside (away from large windows) to sleep. Perhaps even have a radio playing to dim the noise of fireworks
  • Close your blinds or curtains and leave the lights on so the noise and flashing of fireworks does not distress your pet
  • If your pet is an inside pet, leave the radio or television turned on so that it may dim the noise of fireworks
  • Make it business as usual and don’t make a fuss. The last thing you want to do is reinforce scared/timid behaviour
  • Try to distract your pet with toys, bones or treats during firework displays if they have to be outside
  • Consider a trainer to assist in training your dog so they are less frightened every time there is a loud noise
  • If you have to leave your pet outside, make sure that all gates are secure and locked
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