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We welcome suggestions for new items which are suitable for the library collection.

To suggest an item for our collection, 'Make a Purchase Request' via our catalogue. You must be logged in to do this.

The Library will make every effort to satisfy purchase requests that have been made, however, in some cases items may no longer be in publication or may not meet the selection criteria of Wyndham City Libraries. In these cases we may be able to make the item available to you by inter-library loan.

Before you request an item, please check the library catalogue.

Items due for publication or release more than 3 months in advance cannot be processed. Please submit a request closer to release date.

Please note it can take three months for a requested item to become available to you. You can track the progress of your request by logging on to your library account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I request?

Most items that are not in our library catalogue, including books, magazines, DVDs, mp3 or CD audiobooks, eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines can be requested.

We will first attempt to source a copy from our suppliers. If they cannot supply, we will attempt to source the item via interlibrary loan. However, only physical items can be requested via interlibrary loan.

Digital items such as eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines cannot be borrowed via interlibrary loan; instead, we will try to obtain them from the digital platforms that Wyndham Libraries currently offer: BorrowBox, hoopla, Kanopy and PressReader.

How many requests may I submit?

You can place 10 active requests at one time. This includes pending requests yet to be processed, holds on the shelf awaiting pick up and ILLs checked out on your card.

How do I submit my requests?

Before you request an item, please check the library catalogue. If the item is not in the catalogue, click the ‘Can’t find it?’ button on the right-hand side below the search field. On the next screen, click the link ‘Make your request here’.  You need to be logged in to your account to proceed. Once you logged in, fill out the ‘Make a Request’ form with all the required details and click ‘Submit’.

Alternatively, speak with our friendly staff in-person or over the phone (at 03 8734 8999) and we can create the request on your behalf.

How do I keep track of my requests?

You can keep track of your requests by logging in to your account at https://catalogue.wyndham.vic.gov.au/ with your library barcode and password. Then go to My Account andclick on the Requests tab.

Alternatively, speak with one of our friendly staff who will be able to check notes on your account regarding your requests.

What if the item I requested is just recently published?

Place the request and our Collections Team will find out if it is available to purchase.

What if the item I requested is not yet published?

Items due for publication or release more than three months in advance cannot be processed. Please check our catalogue again closer to release date. If the title is not in our catalogue by then, please submit another request.

I want a title which may now be out of print. Can you get it?

Typically, older items, specialist items and titles with a limited print run may no longer be available for purchase. Nevertheless, submit a request and we will attempt to source the item via interlibrary loan.

What is an Interlibrary Loan?

An Interlibrary Loan (ILL) transaction is a request to borrow from another library service or institution, any books or other materials, which are not available to borrow in our library's catalogue. 

I used to be able to place ILL requests directly. Why can’t I do it anymore?

Wyndham Library patrons can no longer place ILL requests directly. Instead, all title requests are placed on the form ‘Make your request here’. Having all requests come through one platform is an efficient way for the library to determine whether an item is suitable for purchase or ILL.

Who may use the purchase request and/or ILL service?

All members of Wyndham City Libraries are welcome to submit their purchase or ILL request.

What kinds of materials can be borrowed or requested through ILL?

Older items, specialist items, or those that you require quickly.

What kinds of materials cannot normally be borrowed through ILL?

There are times when ILLs cannot be supplied either temporarily or at all for these reasons:

  • item is out on loan and not currently available

  • the lending library is temporarily suspended and unable to supply ILLs at that time

  • in a special not-for-loan collection

  • lost

  • in high use at the lending library

  • in a format restricted from ILL:

    • music CDs

    • board books

    • picture books

    • magazines,

    • large items

  • unavailable for ILL for other reason specified by the lending library
  • unable to be sourced from any libraries within Australia and New Zealand.

What if I need information on a particular subject but don’t have an exact title?

Call or visit your nearest library branch so staff can help you find more information about a particular subject.

What if I no longer need an item I requested?

Speak with one of our friendly staff and we will cancel the request.

How much does an Interlibrary Loan cost?

ILLs are free of charge between public libraries in Victoria, and some public libraries in New South Wales and Queensland.

However, if an item is only available from a University or State Library or a specialist library (i.e., medical, legal, theological, etc.), there will be a charge to the borrower. This typically costs $32.40, but can be higher. The library will contact you to let you know the actual cost and to confirm with you if you are willing to pay the charge.

Are there other costs related to ILL?

  • Replacement cost of a lost blue laminated card is $2.00. This card is attached to ILL DVDs and mp3 CDs.

  • Replacement cost of a lost blue book strap is $5.00. This strap is attached to ILL books.

  • Chargeable loan fee (typically University or State Library materials): minimum $32.40 per item.

  • Charges for lost interlibrary loan items are the actual cost of replacing the item as specified by the lending library.

How long will it take to receive my request?

Delivery of requested items can take from 4-6 weeks through interlibrary loan, and from 4-12 weeks for new purchases, both depending on availability of the items. In the case of ILLs, it also depends on the location of the lending library and their response time. Some items may be more difficult to locate and may take longer than average, and some may never become available for borrowing.

If you have a specific deadline by which you need the material, let the library know when placing your request.

Please allow adequate lead-time when making a request.

How will I know when my requested items arrive?

Library patrons will be notified via email or SMS when the item is available for pickup. 

If the requested item cannot be fulfilled, this will be noted down on your request. You can view the notes on your requests by logging in to your account at https://catalogue.wyndham.vic.gov.au/ with your library barcode and password. Then go to My Account andclick on the Requests tab.

How long may I have ILL items for use?

ILLs have a loan period of 4 weeks and can have one 2-week renewal. If patrons wish to have any further renewals, speak with one of our staff members who will pass this request on to the ILL officer (who will then seek extension from the lending library). Loan extensions are granted purely at the discretion of the supplying library.

Are there any special conditions for using ILL items?

Requests from public libraries in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland – with whom we have reciprocal arrangements – are free of charge.

Requests from universities, State Libraries, NZ libraries, special libraries and some inter-state public libraries are limited to a 3-week loan and typically incurs a charge of $32.40 per item to be borrowed. This will be applied to the patron’s library account and must be paid on pickup.

Requests from The National Library of Australia and some State Library items are often (though not always) to be viewed in the library only and given to the patron for viewing in exchange for their library card. The card is returned after each session when the book is returned to library staff. This can be done as often as needed during the loan period.

All ILLs can be checked out by patrons on the self-loan kiosks except for items that are only to be viewed in the library and not taken home as detailed above.

Patrons are responsible for any cost nominated by the owner library due to the loss or damage of an item while on loan to the patron.

Some ILL books are issued to Wyndham patrons with a blue book strap, and DVDs with a blue laminated card. Patrons will be charged a replacement fee of $5.00 for any blue Interlibrary loan book strap and $2.00 for any blue laminated card not returned.

What if I am not finished with the ILL item by its due date?

The ILL item may or may or may not be available for renewal. Speak with one of our staff members who will notify the ILL officers of your renewal request. They will attempt to renew your ILL item from the lending library, but this is totally at the latter’s discretion. You will be notified of the outcome.

Where can I return my ILL?

ILL items that you have requested through Wyndham City Libraries must be returned to any Wyndham library branch. Refrain from returning ILL items to another library service as it creates the risk of the item not being returned properly on your behalf.

Why can’t you get what I’ve requested?

There are times when requests cannot be supplied either temporarily or at all through our suppliers or interlibrary loan.

Items may not be available to purchase because they are out of print or not yet published.

Similarly, items may not be available through interlibrary loan for the reasons listed in the previous section: What kinds of materials cannot normally be borrowed via ILL.

How do I contact the library regarding my title requests?

Call the Library at 03 8734 8999 or visit any of our branches to speak with our friendly staff.

Please allow at least two (2) weeks before inquiring about the status of your title request.

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