KATHA – The Community Quilt

KATHA – The Community Quilt is a long term project where women from diverse backgrounds in Wyndham will meet at the Old Shire Offices, Watton St Werribee to contribute to the stitching of this community quilt.

The practice of creating a KATHA is a Bengali tradition where women reuse the softest part of their cotton sarees to make hand stitched quilts. Making a Katha is a long, slow, laboursome process that often involves a group of women meeting regularly to create beautiful embroidery with repetitive running stitches.

Mita Chowdhury, a Wyndham based artist currently studying her MFA from RMIT highlights the social engagement aspect of the traditional Katha making in her community art project Aye Tobe Shohochori. It responds to the need for women to gather and create points of connection and community in real life and real time after periods of isolation.


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