Thank you everyone who participated in the 2019 Wyndham Coding Champs competition.

The winners of the 2019 Wyndham Coding Champs competition are:

Junior animation:
Janaki, with "Make your own scenery"

Junior game:
Suhrud, with "Save Ben"

Senior game:
Aditya, with "Detective Oscar"

Check out all the entries at:

Congratulations to the winners! And well done to everyone who entered!

How to enter

  1. Read through these instructions, the entry guidelines, and all the information on this page.
  2. Talk to your parents or legal guardian and make sure you have their permission to enter the competition.
  3. Log in to Scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu/). If you already have an account you can log in using your existing account, otherwise you will need to create one.
  4. Make sure you do not have your real name on your Scratch account. This is important for the competition, but it’s also important to not share personal information on the internet in general.
  5. Create your game and/or animation, make sure you’re happy with it and it’s finished.
  6. Make sure you don’t use media that is protected by copyright. Instead, create your own media (graphics and sound), use the built-in Scratch media content, or use Creative Commons content that can be remixed and shared.
  7. Share your game! This is super important! (otherwise we can’t see your game).
  8. Complete the entry form at https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/libraries/kids/coding-champs, and include a link to your completed project.
  9. You can only submit one entry per category that you’re eligible for (so one game, and one animation).
  10. We’ll review your entry and make sure it meets the entry guidelines. The judges will score your entry and if you make it to the shortlist we’ll add it to the Wyndham Coding Champs Studio on Scratch.
  11. Make sure you check out the studio to play the other shortlisted entries!
  12. Come along to the Wyndham Coding Champs awards night to celebrate, play games and find out who the winners are!


There are two entry categories for Wyndham Coding Champs

Junior (Ages 7-11):

  • Scratch game
  • Scratch animation

Senior (Ages 12-15):

  • Scratch game
  • Scratch animation

Who is eligible?

The competition is open to kids who:

  1. Are aged 7 to 15 years (on 11th October 2019)
  2. Are a current member of Wyndham City Libraries, or have a parent or legal guardian who is a member of Wyndham City Libraries
  3. Have their parents’/legal guardian’s permission to enter the competition.

Entry guidelines

  • The Wyndham Coding Champs competition (the competition) is a digital video game and animation design competition for children and young people who are members (or who have a parent or legal guardian who is a member) of Wyndham City Libraries (the Library).
  • Participants may submit only one entry per category that they’re eligible for.
  • Entries must be submitted via the Wyndham Coding Champs entry form on the Library website.
  • Entries must be created in Scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu/), and shared to be publicly accessible on the Scratch website.
  • Everything you create and submit to Scratch is licensed to and through Scratch under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.
  • Entries must only have been shared on the Scratch website at time of entry.
  • Entries must be the creator’s original work, or a remix of another Scratch work. If the entry is a remix, it must be done with the Scratch remix tool, with remixes shown on the remix tree.
  • Entries must consist of original media (backdrops, sprites, sounds) created by the entrant, or built-in media from the Scratch platform.
  • Content of all entries must be ‘G’ or ‘PG’ rated, suitable for general audiences.
  • The result of the competition is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Staff employed by Wyndham City Libraries, and their immediate family members, are not eligible to enter.
  • Entries which meet these requirements will be reviewed by judges. Shortlisted entries will be added to the Wyndham Coding Champs Studio on Scratch, and shared publicly as a competition entry.
  • Any entries not made in strict accordance with these guidelines will not be considered, and will not be reviewed by judges.
  • If these entry guidelines are not followed, or if the entrant engages in misconduct in relation to the competition, as decided by the Library, the Library may disqualify any entries, and prohibit the entrant from participating further in the competition.
  • Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See http://scratch.mit.edu.

The judging process

All competition entries will be reviewed by this process:

Step 1: Does the entry meet the entry guidelines? If it does it will progress to step 2. If it doesn’t, it will not progress. The entrant will not be notified if the entry does not progress to step 2.

Step 2: Judges will review and score the entry based on:

  • Coding
  • Game playability (game categories only)
  • Graphics
  • Originality
  • Sound
  • Story and instructions

Scores will not be made public.

Step 4: A shortlist of entries will be made based on entry score. Shortlisted entries will be shared on the Wyndham Coding Champs Studio (https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/14853018/).

Step 3: A winner in each category will be decided based on judging scores. If a tie occurs and there is no clear winner, judges will meet to decide on a winner from tied entries.

Step 4: Winners will be announced at the Wyndham Coding Champs event during International Games Week.

Privacy statement

Personal information collected for the competition will be stored by Wyndham City Council and used only for the purposes of the Wyndham Coding Champs competition and awards. Entries that are accepted to the competition and shortlisted will be shared on the Wyndham Coding Champs Studio on Scratch, and may be shared in the Library, on the Library’s social media and website, and in future promotion and professional development. Only information that the entrant shares publicly on Scratch, and entrant’s first name and category will be shared. Other information submitted via the competition entry form will not be disclosed to a third party.

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