Wyndham City encourages the maintenance of properties within the municipality, to enhance the amenity and general wellbeing of our community.

Unsightly Properties

If you are an owner or occupier of a property you must keep your property reasonably tidy at all times and not allow:

  • Unconstrained rubbish
  • Grass and vegetation not to become overgrown
  • Motor vehicle parts and storage of machinery
  • Rubbish, rubble, demolished or discarded materials from building works or other matter to accumulate on the land and constitute a hazard to the health or safety of any person
  • Land to become unsightly or detrimental to the amenity of the area
  • Ensure that plants, trees and other vegetation on their properties don’t obstruct public areas or put the public at risk. Wyndham City regularly visits properties to identify trouble spots and you will be asked to trim trees or plants that are deemed to be unsafe or blocking access to public areas.

To report an unsightly property visit our Customer Service Request Portal.

Beautification of Nature Strips

While nature strips are the responsibility of Wyndham City, residents are expected to maintain their nature strip by regular mowing and picking up any litter. You could also consider landscaping your nature strip using gravel or mulch and approved plants. When thinking about these options you need to consider allowing safe access for pedestrians, postal deliveries, vehicles, kerbside parking and rubbish collection.

You need to apply for a permit if you are planning to landscape the nature strip.  Any landscaping or proposed landscaping must comply with the Beautification of Nature Strips Policy. See the Nature Strips Landscaping Guidelines for further details. For tips about caring for your new nature strip tree, view the Caring For Your New Nature Strip Tree Guide.

For further information about applying for a permit contact Wyndham City on 1300 023 411.

Vacant Land Maintenance

Wyndham City’s Community Amenity Local Law (2015) aims to improve the visual amenity of our community, reduce fire and health hazards and improve public safety by requiring all vacant properties to be maintained to the following levels:

  1. Grass and undergrowth, including along fence lines, to be maintained to a height of no more than 150mm  all year round
  2. Vacant land is to be kept clear all year round, of any fire hazard, noxious weeds, box thorn plants, litter and rubbish, which includes, but is not limited to, concrete, dirt mounds, rocks and rubble

We encourage land owners to inspect your property regularly to ensure that these outcomes are achieved. If you do not meet Wyndham City’s Local Law requirements you will be issued with a Notice to Comply (NTC) to clean your property within a specified timeframe and an infringement. If the clean-up is not completed within these timeframes Wyndham City will be required to undertake the clean-up works. The costs incurred will be charged to the property owner.

Selling the Vacant Land

If you have or are in the process of selling the property, you need to provide the new or prospective buyers with a copy of any correspondence received from Wyndham City in relation to vacant land.

To report an issue visit our Customer Service Request Portal.

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