Exhibition dates: 9 Nov to 7 Jan 2024

Curated by dr megan evans and Olivia Poloni

Artists: Alison Bennett, Peta Clancy, Megan Cope, Jessie French, Cara Johnson, Keg de Souza, Gomathi Suresh and Mandy Quadrio.

An exhibition that looks at the effects of climate change and the weather on our lived experience. 

How are we coming to terms with the weather we are experiencing and what might be coming in our future? Do we adapt, resist, control or ignore these major weather incidents that are happening more and more often? 

Artists have been at the forefront of calling for action on this issue.

There are many complex elements at play in the arena of climate change that have informed creative work over many years. This exhibition provides a glimpse into a creative way to deal with our current concerns and how creative power can insight change. 

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