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Wyndham Libraries have joined the Sunflower

To make our Wyndham libraries more inclusive for everyone, libraries will be part of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Initiative.

What is a Hidden Disability?

Hidden disabilities may include conditions such as mobility, mental health, learning difficulties, speech, visual impairments or hearing loss. They can also include respiratory and chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, chronic pain and sleep disorders that significantly impact day to day life experiences.

​​​​Not every disability shows visual signs. Some disabilities are hidden, but they can significantly impact how people experience the world around them.

What is the Hidden Disability Sunflower Initiative?

The Hidden Disability Sunflower initiative started at Gatwick Airport in England in 2016. The idea was to provide a way for people to discreetly show their hidden disability and for the airport staff to recognise it so they could offer the person the support they require without having to disclose. The hidden disability sunflower is fast becoming a globally recognised symbol and being used in public spaces, on transport, work and shops to give the wearer an opportunity to get a helping hand or further understanding in their routines outside of their homes.

Anyone with a hidden disability, their carer or a loved one can wear a Sunflower product as a discreet way to show that they have a hidden disability.

You can pick up one free Sunflower product such as lanyards, pins and wrist bands at a Wyndham City Council Libraries.

You can also purchase a range of different Sunflower products from the Hidden Disability online shop or Travellers Aid at Southern Cross or Flinders Street Train Stations.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Initiative support

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