This year, Council will be collecting Club Capital Works Priorities via an online form, to provide a more user friendly experience for Clubs, negate the possible impact of COVID on face to face meetings, and create efficiencies for Council Officers administering the process.

The Sport & Recreation Department will use the priorities submitted through this process, to compile a comprehensive list of Capital Works Requests across all Clubs, for assessment and consideration in the 2022/23 annual budget.

While this form will be submitted online, Clubs who wish to provide additional context to their submission, have the opportunity to meet one on one with Council Officers via a virtual meeting, to provide a brief snapshot on their priorities. A portion of this meeting will be recorded, with the additional information passed on to Ward Councillors, to allow them to further understand the priorities of your Club

If Clubs wish to be involved in an online meeting to discuss priorities, their priorities will need to be submitted by Thursday 21st October, with meetings to occur at the Clubs convenience between the 1st October and 28th October.

The final date for all priority lists to be submitted is Thursday 28th October 2021.

Submit an online form

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