Celebrating Cultural Diversity Through Fashion and Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Global Style in Wyndham.  

Welcome to our fashion-related art program dedicated to celebrating the rich diversity of cultures within the vibrant community of Wyndham. Through a dynamic array of workshops, exhibitions, and collaborations with local artists, we aim to foster a creative space that honours traditions, embraces diversity, and promotes cross-cultural understanding.  

The Tapestry of Culture program is designed to showcase the beauty and significance of clothing across different cultures. From traditional clothing techniques workshops to explorations of fashion history from around the world, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the unique styles and narratives woven into every garment. 

We are inviting artists from  a myriad of backgrounds, to contribute their  perspective,   as we celebrate the creativity that arises from  authentic cultural exchange. At the heart of our program is a commitment to cultural sensitivity and respectful representation.  

Join us as we embark on this journey of exploration, appreciation, and celebration of cultural diversity through the universal language of fashion. 

Image credit - Analuisa Gamboa, Oaxaca, Mexico

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