Love Local

Buy local – support your community.

Did you know that for every $100 spent at a local business, $67 stays in Wyndham. If you shop online with a non-Wyndham business only $4 stays here.

Whether you’re hiring a local tradesperson, dining with your family or on the look-out for the perfect gift, every purchase you make contributes to your local community.

Every time you buy local, you are helping to:

  • Create and support local jobs
  • Invest in your community – when profits stay local that supports other businesses, community groups and clubs
  • Keep what makes our community unique with a diverse range of businesses
  • Maintain demand for local skills and trade
  • Reduce our environmental impact
  • Support businesses and employees to continue to do what they love

Featured Images: Sprinkles Ice Creamery Lollies N More, Houseplants Plus, Wyndham Community Vet

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