Wyndham has a long history of leading the way in community planning.  First developed in 1997 as a vision for Wyndham in 2015, the Quality Community Plan lays out community aspirations and priorities for a better Wyndham.  The last update of the Quality Community Plan was in 2007.  Many of the 2015 and 2018 milestones have been met.

In 2015 the Quality Community Plan was updated through the Wyndham 2040 project with a new approach to community planning.  This approach was locally-focused, strengths-based and community-driven and resulted in a new 2040 vision for the whole of Wyndham, with complimenting district plans that identified actions that Council and community would take over a four-year timeframe. 

The Wyndham 2040 Community Plan is made up of the Wyndham 2040 Vision and four local area district plans for smaller areas within Wyndham.  These documents were endorsed by Council at Ordinary Council Meeting on 22 February 2016.

District Advisory Committees 2018-19

District Advisory Committees (DAC) were established by Council in February 2016 to support the delivery of the four year district plans which provide priorities and actions to realise the vision for Wyndham 2040.

To learn more about the DACs, please visit the District Advisory Committees page.

Wyndham Vision

In 2015 the Wyndham 2040 project explored the opportunities for Wyndham residents over the next 25 years.  Council staff and volunteers collected 2,040 stories from community members identifying what people like about Wyndham now and what they hope it will be like in 2040. 

A range of forums and workshops were held with community leaders, community service organisations and local business and industry leaders.   

The Wyndham 2040 Vision was adopted by Council on 22 February. 

For more information about the Wyndham 2040 project please contact Leading Communities on 9742 0777 or e-mail wyndham2040@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

District Plans

A district plan is a place-based approach to planning and reporting on Council’s work and the work of the community.

Each plan will detail what will be done in that district over four years to work towards making the 2040 vision a reality.  They will be reported on and updated annually. 

Wyndham districts are made up of multiple suburbs across Wyndham’s geography.  The four districts are:

District workshops with Councillors, senior Council staff and community members were held in May 2015 to identify the strengths of each district and the priorities for action.   

Draft district plans were endorsed for public comment in October and November, 2015.  Final documents were endorsed by Council at Ordinary Council Meeting on 22 February 2016.

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