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With an estimated 250kg of food per household per year ending up in Australian landfill each year, food waste is one of the top three producers of carbon emissions in the world. So it makes sense to change our food waste habits if we want to reduce our overall carbon footprint. The good news is that a little bit of creativity with your ‘scraps’ can have a huge impact.
This free face-to-face presentation will help you learn how to make the absolute most of your weekly shop to not only reduce your food waste output, but reduce your shopping bill too. Includes an in-depth exploration of scraptasatic cooking options and ideas; a presentation table/display of various scraptastic creations; and examples of useful books and resources to help you get the most out of your scraps.

Join permaculture and sustainability educator, Anna The Urban Nanna, to learn why and how to flip your relationship with food waste for good, by adopting ‘scraptastic’ approaches in the kitchen.





Date and time
1-21 Cheetham Street
Point Cook
VIC 3030
Wyndham City, Waste Education Team



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