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Active Transport Network

Wyndham City wants to make it easy and safe for our residents to get from A to B. We’re improving our network for people who want to walk and ride and providing better access for people using wheelchairs, scooters and prams.

We need streets that are safe and accessible for everyone. These upgrades will create a connected network of safe, easy transport options for our community.

Why is this important?

Our Active Transport program will deliver benefits to the whole community, including:

  • Safe and accessible streets for people of all abilities
  • People feel safer when walking and riding
  • Fewer physical and design barriers for people walking, riding and accessing public transportation
  • Better access to environmentally-friendly ways to get around
  • Helping families stay healthy and spend quality time together
  • Reducing on-road traffic congestion

Find out more about our plan Active Transport Video 21/22.

What’s happening?

We’re building an active transport network through three streams:

  • Neighbourhood Connections: through our Neighbourhood connections program, we are completing upgrades around schools and transport hubs. Commencing at Cambridge Primary School and Bellbridge Primary School, we are prioritising routes to school so kids and families can get to school on foot or by bike.
  • Priority Paths & Major Projects: we’ve identified some high-priority major paths through feedback from our community and opportunities with other infrastructure projects. We’re also upgrading the Federation Trail as part of the Greening the Pipeline Project and extending the Bay Trail.
  • Our regular footpath upgrade program: we continue to upgrade footpaths throughout Wyndham to help us achieve our vision of safe, accessible and connected neighbourhoods.

New Planned Footpaths in Bellbridge Precinct

New Planned Footpaths in Bellbridge Precinct

A new path will be built in my street. What do l need to know?

Staying in touch

If you receive a postcard from us this means a new footpath is planned for your street. The postcard will include contact details so you can contact a Council officer should you require more information. Once a construction timeline has been finalised, you will receive a further notification from Council’s contractor.

Changes to nature strips

Some items currently located within the nature strip may require relocation, modification or removal to make way for the new footpath, including:

  • Plants that overhang the nature strip are required to be pruned back to the property boundary as required prior to construction.
  • Letter boxes located within the nature strip are required to be relocated to inside property boundaries prior to construction.
  • Unfortunately landscaping and garden beds located adjacent to property boundaries, but within the nature strip, impact on the space required for the new footpath. As a result, the garden beds will need to be removed. When it is possible to salvage materials (e.g., pavers or bluestones), these items will be returned to residents. Otherwise, they will be disposed of at an appropriate facility.
  • Residents that have planted on the nature strips and wish to save these plants should relocate them to within their property boundary before construction starts.
  • We understand that it can be disappointing for residents who have tended to the nature strip for several years to have some of that work removed or modified for this new footpath.

Please be assured that care will be taken to ensure that plants, mailboxes and other items are not damaged.

I have more questions. Where can I get more information?

For more information, call Wyndham City on 1300 023 411 or email mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au  Att: Transport Planning

Planned upgrade locations

Click the locations below to see a map of where we’re upgrading footpaths and shared paths.

Amandi Tce, Hoppers Crossing

Birchwood Blvd, Hoppers Crossing

Michelle Crt, Hoppers Crossing

Palm Street, Hoppers Crossing

New Footpaths in the Cambridge Estate




Getting started walking, riding and moving:

Major links completed

  • Davis Creek Shared Path
    The missing shared path link along Davis Creek behind the Davis Creek Primary School has now been fixed. Wyndham City has upgraded the path, filling in a missing active transport link between the Wootten Road Reserve and Butterfly Boulevard. Filling this gap in the network will improve access to the Islamic College of Melbourne and Davis Creek Primary School. It also completes a circuit on both sides of Davis Creek for residents to use for walking and riding, making it more accessible for people using wheelchairs and prams.
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