Welcome to WYNnovation 2022!

Unleash the Power of Human Connection at WYNnovation 2024: Discover, Imagine, Collaborate!

The WYNnovation Festival is reimagined in 2024, so be sure to save the week of the 13th of May in your calendar! 

Embark on a transformative journey at WYNnovation 2024, where the heartbeat of a diverse city meets the pulse of hidden potential. Our theme, "Human Connection" is an ode to the extraordinary possibilities that arise when diverse minds unite and explore the untapped realms of collaboration in the age of technology.

This year’s Festival will feature our Masterclass, The Summit and much more.

WYNnovation 2024 will culminate with the grand finale pitch competition, and so, we invite businesses and trailblazers to rise to an Open Challenge that is at the centre of Wyndham Community.

Open Challenge: How Might We Future-Proof Our Growing Wyndham Community?

Do you have a ground-breaking idea or business that aligns with one or more of our core goals: Collaboration, Inclusivity, and Human Connection? We will want to hear from you!

  • Entry for Pitch Competition opens Monday 18 March
  • Festival Ticket Sale opens Monday 18 March

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2023 WYNnovation Festival

WYNnovation Summit

The Wyndham City Council WYNnovation Summit was held on Friday 3rd February 2023 at Encore Events Centre, the event brought together businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators who shared their ideas and experiences, and explored opportunities for collaboration. Guests were treated to three keynote speakers, along with networking activities and an exhibitor area which showcased local innovation businesses, SPARK members and a Buy Local stand which showcased some key items made right here in Wyndham, the Buy Local proved to be one most popular exhibits of the day.
The WYNnovation Summit is committed to promoting economic growth and innovation in the region and kicked off the month-long festival.

WYNnovation Masterclass
The Wyndham City Council WYNnovation Masterclass with Mark Dobson was a huge success. Mark Dobson is an experienced innovation coach and consultant who has helped numerous companies develop and implement successful innovation strategies. His expertise was invaluable to the participants of the masterclass, which was attended by business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various industries in Wyndham and beyond.
The attendees were highly engaged throughout the masterclass, asking insightful questions and participating in group activities. The interactive nature of the workshop helped to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among the participants.

WYNnovation Pitch Competition
On Tuesday 28 February 2023, The Pitch Competition Finale event wrapped up the month long WYNnovation Festival.

The Pitch Competition brings together innovators and entrepreneurs from across the Wyndham City area to showcase their innovative business ideas. The competition aims to support and promote local talent, providing them with a platform to showcase their ideas and potentially secure funding to turn their dreams into reality.

Pitchers went through an intensive three stage program to learn the art of pitching, then at the finale eleven went on to pitch their idea. A very difficult decision for the judges with such amazing talent!

SignHow took out the grand prize of $5,000 – SignHow (A global sign language dictionary that aims to host over 300 different sign languages in the world).
It was an amazing innovative cohort that made up the 2023 Pitch Competition.                                                                

To contact a member of the WYNnovation team email wynnovation@wyndham.vic.gov.au

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