Location: Wyndham Cultural Centre, 177 Watton Street, Werribee

Melbourne-based visual artist Drez has two correlating artworks at Wyndham Cultural Centre. The first artwork, entitled ‘Pink Hum’, is an acrylic painting on tile and forms part of Drez’s Optical Pulse series. Using urban structures as his canvas, Drez responds with colour gradients to subvert these structures creating immersive spaces of colour. Pink Hum extends upon the artist’s colour studies via a dissection of the interacting points in colour gradients.

The second piece, ‘Chromatic Oscillation’ is a vinyl installation, digitally designed by Drez in his studio and printed and installed by local signage company, A1 Signs. The artwork is part of a series of works that create optical movement through the use of colour. Drez splits apart his gradients with vertical linework to create alternating rhythmic planes of colour to incur an oscillating optical sensation as the viewers engage with this work. The form, in relation to the scale of this work, also acts to locate the viewer's physicality and creates an alternating series of experiences as the viewer walks its length. 

Drez is an artist who shifts the perception of public space through his exploration of colour. He creates work that extends from paintings, to architecturally scaled murals and sculptural installations. Through his use of colour and form, Drez references Greenburgian Modernism and Op-Art, connecting well known historical art practices with contemporary public graffiti. Drez creates an intersection between abstract art and public space in a direct reflection of his upbringing through graffiti and his movement towards more experimental, immersive works that directly engage with the participating viewer.

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Photography courtesy: Matthew Slocum / p1xels

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