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The Wyndham Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan 2021-25 sets out the public health and wellbeing priorities that Council will pursue over the next four years. Health equity guides our plan. We take the long-term view to support improvements in health, safety, education, and environmental outcomes. Improving amenity and health and wellbeing is our primary objective.

Our community’s wellbeing is one of Wyndham’s greatest assets. The pandemic demonstrates just how important health is to our quality of life and overall wellbeing. We developed the Health Plan together with our community through the Help Shape Wyndham's Future project to ensure their aspirations for our City are delivered.

Four interrelated domains are tied together - Thriving, Liveable, Safe, Healthy - each essential to promote health and wellbeing, and responds to pandemic impacts. The measures vital to stop the spread of the virus adversely impacted individual and community wellbeing. The importance of maintaining mental wellbeing came to prominence during the pandemic and remains an ongoing pressing issue for everyone in our community.

In collaboration with our health sector and non-government partners we will drive this Health Plan to ensure that our community has the infrastructure and services it needs to pursue optimum health and wellbeing.

Download: Wyndham Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025

First Year Report Summary 2021-2022

The Wyndham Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (Health Plan) was adopted by Council on 26 October 2021, five days after Melbourne’s fifth COVID lockdown ended on 21 October 2021. Consisting of four Domains and sixteen Priority Areas, it sets out Councils public health and wellbeing priorities.  

Implementation has involved close engagement with partner organisations including IPC Health, Mercy Health, Western Health, Co Health, North West Melbourne PHN, Victoria Police and Anglicare. Priorities in this first year, as we emerged from two years of almost continuous lockdowns, include mental wellbeing, alcohol and other drug misuse, immunisation take up and smoking cessation.

The impacts of COVID-19 are far reaching and will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. Challenges therefore include equitable access to services and the increased and increasing demand for mental health services. Positive efforts are underway to address these including the roll out of social prescribing (IPC Health) and the establishment of local mental health services in Wyndham by the end of 2022.

In keeping with Health Plan priorities feedback from residents demonstrates that the following Council services have been particularly valuable this year: maternal and child health, managed kindergartens, library services, community support services (food relief, Community Connectors), the provision of immunisation services, and local sporting and outdoor recreation facilities. These services all rated higher-than-average importance for our community.

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