The Wyndham Asset Plan

The ownership and care of assets owned in common by the community is a core Council service. No other organisation can do this on behalf of the Wyndham community. The responsibility to care for the community’s assets brings the expectation that Council will ensure assets are fit for purpose, safe and managed to minimise whole of life costs. For some assets, such as roads, there are legislated standards to be met. For other assets, it is up to Council to determine the standards for asset provision and care.

What is an asset?

An asset is an item of property owned by the Council regarded as having value. Council’s assets include objects like roads and footpaths to facilities, playgrounds, stormwater infrastructure and street furniture.

What is an Asset Plan?

The purpose of the Asset Plan is to provide a strategic overview of how Council effectively manages the community’s infrastructure and other assets to an agreed standard of service. The plan outlines what needs to be invested in each major asset class in order to meet these defined service standards over the next ten years.

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