The City of Wyndham continues to undergo rapid change in its demographics and character, due in part to a high and increasing birth rate and a large influx of new residents and relatively young population. With significant cultural diversity including the largest population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Greater Melbourne area, the richness of culture is woven throughout the entire community. In order to ensure excellent social, health and economic outcomes for our growing and wonderfully diverse population, Wyndham City Council is committed to building and maintaining a lifelong and life-wide learning culture which is dynamic, diverse and accessible to residents across all life stages.

What is a Learning City?                                            

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) defines a Learning City as one “which effectively mobilises its resources across all sectors to maximise the opportunities for lifelong learning for all its citizens”. Wyndham was officially welcomed into the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities in 2019 and is very proud of the key achievements and progress that is has made in the years since. Wyndham proudly stands as a global leader and supports individuals and local communities on their learning journey.

As a member of the Global Network of Learning Cities, Wyndham utilises UNESCO’s “Learning

City” definition as one which:

  • Promotes inclusive learning from basic to higher education
  • Revitalises learning in families and communities
  • Facilitates learning for and in the workplaces
  • Extends the use of modern learning technologies
  • Enhances quality and excellence in learning, and
  • Fosters a culture of learning throughout life

Wyndham City Council’s Learning City Portfolio Committee provides input and guidance to deliver on the Learning Community Strategy actions helping to improve learning outcomes in Wyndham. The Committee is made up of members of the community and key learning stakeholders and strives to ensure Wyndham residents have access to quality education and learning opportunities.

Below you will find some of the work Wyndham has done in local, national and international forums.

Learning Community Strategy

Learning is fundamental to the well-being, prosperity and sense of belonging of all people.

Council has established a strong foundation for lifelong learning within the community since the creation of its first Learning Community Strategy in 2010. The recently adopted Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023 outlines a commitment to ensuring the benefits of learning are available to all Wyndham residents and promotes a learning community culture where equity and inclusion are the drivers of planning, engagement and delivery.

The Learning Strategy identifies a range of priority skills such as Learning Agility; Literacy, Numeracy and Language; Digital Fundamentals & New Media; Civics; Employability and Leadership.

The Learning Strategy will foster these priority skills through a range of Strategy actions focused on Celebrating living and learning in Wyndham, with the Learning Festival as the signature event; Advocating for equity and quality in service provision;  Facilitating partnerships and collaboration across sectors to create new learning models and deliver outcomes for all; and Innovating learning and fostering new entrepreneurial spirit through integration with, and promotion of, Wyndham’s Smart City agenda.

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Global Learning Festival 2021

The Global Learning Festival

The Global Learning Festival is returning in 2021 running 8-11 November 2021.

Participate in free, online learning events from around the world and experience firsthand the benefits that lifelong learning can bring to you, especially during uncertain times.

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2021 LearnWest Learning for Earning Festival

The LearnWest Network are proud to share their final report on the inaugural for the 2021 Learning for Earning Festival, which took place in May 2021. The project was an important collaboration between six councils from Western Melbourne (Wyndham City Council, Melton City Council, Brimbank City Council, Hobson's Bay City Council, Maribyrnong City Council and Moonee Valley Council) to support our various communities in learning and earning to improve outcomes across the west.

This project also included an important collaboration with the Australian Learning Communities Network, which partnered with Wyndham to support an International Development student from RMIT University, Ava Ter, to lead the writing of the final report and the collection of stories of Most Significant Change. 

The report includes an interesting analysis of the initiative and an evaluation framework that captures important qualitative and quantitive data. This project, which ties into Action 12 of the Learning Community Strategy, is unique in its cross-council collaboration in learning in Australia.

Download 2021 LearnWest Learning for Earning Festival Report

The 2020 Global Learning Festival - Final Evaluation Report

This is the final report for the Global Learning Festival, which took place in September 2020. This project was led by Wyndham City Council and Melton City Council, in partnership with the PASCAL International Observatory and the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.

Download the Learning Community Strategy for the Global Learning Festival

Australian Learning Communities Network Annual Webinar: In partnership with Wyndham City Council

On 11 May 2021, the ALCN, in partnership with Wyndham City Council. hosted a webinar: 'Australian Learning Cities: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.'

The webinar included a presentation by Peter Kearns, AM, ‘Learning cities in Australia: yesterday, today, tomorrow’, and by Jac Gomez-Torres, Wyndham City Council, reflecting on ‘Empathy Partnerships’ as part of Peter Kearns’ project for EcCoWell (as part of the PASCAL International Observatory).

Download: ALCN Webinar May 2021

Download: ALCN Webinar May 2021 - Menti Metre Responses

Measuring Partnerships in Learning Cities Initiatives Using Collective Impact

A narrative on Wyndham Learning City’s experience.

Wyndham has recently completed the first-year partnership evaluation of  its current Learning Community Strategy (2018-2023) (LCS), using the Collective Impact Assessment Tool (CIAT). This software tool was first developed by neighbouring City of Melton’s Community Learning Board by Peter Blunden, Dr Shanti Wong and Ian Wong, with input from Dr Leone Wheeler. It has been adopted by other councils including ours, and by organisations such as hospitals.

The underlying premise of Collective Impact is that no single organisation can create large-scale, lasting social change alone. This tool helps measure how and to what level our partners and ourselves are collectively achieving our strategy goals and designated actions.

Our LCS Strategy has 18 different actions, some led by us, and others led by key partners where our team play a strong supporting role. In 2019, our actions ranged from events such as the Wyndham Learning Festival, community-wide projects focusing on transition and equity, and globally as we became a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

To achieve our actions, we collaborated with over 50 partners from both departments within Wyndham City Council to externally local community groups, regionally with learning networks, nationally with the ALCN and internationally with UNESCO. As such, measuring our collective impact and contribution was complex and brought challenges.  

To prepare for the assessment for the first year of the strategy, we first set up our three chosen assessment areas based on our objectives and goals in our LCS. These areas change depending on the focus of the strategy or learning project being considered. Then we checked we had listed all the partners involved across the year in any of our actions or the strategy more broadly. Next, we completed a subjective assessment of ourselves and all listed partners, ranking each partner as either high, medium or low in terms of their contribution as well as their participation on the three assessment areas.  Then we did a broad overall assessment of the whole strategy as a project in and of itself.

CIAT supported a clear analysis as to what level different partners contributed in 2019, and as to how they contributed to our different LCS objectives.

For our first year, we ranked moderately in our three focus areas for 2019. Our focus on celebrating living and learning in Wyndham was highest due to the large partner contribution in our learning festival. These first CIAT results support us to see a clear baseline and help drive our planning for the upcoming years of the LCS. It also gives us potential to improve over time with this data being representative from only one year and allowing us scope to compare and reassess annually.

LCS CIAT Assessment Result for 2019

LCS CIAT Assessment Result for 2019

To see a little more of our journey and results, check out our video. LCS 2018 - 2023 CIAT 2019 With Voiceover by Jac Torres-Gomez.

Wyndham City: A tale of steady progress towards a sustainable learning community

Wyndham City: A tale of steady progress towards a sustainable learning community as published in the Australian Journal of Adult Education - Vol 60, Number 3. 

Authors:  Leone Wheeler & Diane Tabbagh Co-Ordinator , Learning Community, Wyndham City Council.
The Australian Journal of Adult Learning (AJAL) promotes critical thinking and research in the field of adult learning as well as the theory, research and practice of adult and community education. Each issue features articles that have been double, blind -peer refereed.

View introduction about article

Download full article - Journal is Australian Journal of Adult Education - Vol 60, Number 3. 

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