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Welcome to the Wyndham City Year 10 Work Experience Program.

Due to the current hybrid model of work, staff are working remotely and on-site intermittently making the five-day Year 10 practical placements difficult to facilitate across other Council departments.

Please return to this page for updates on the program status and application process or email for any questions.

We will update this page on Council’s direction to resume services and provide updates on the re-opening of all applications in the future.

We wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

City Amenity & Safety - Emergency Business Unit

The Emergency Business Unit looks after fire prevention throughout the municipality. This involves inspections of properties prior to and during the fire danger period. Work experience students will shadow the Fire Prevention Officer on the field to assess fire hazards and comply with legislation.

They will also assist with office duties and the issuing of fire permits to ensure the sites are safe. Students will also be part of various activities within the Emergency Business Unit and will be required to bring their own Sun hat and safety boots.

Infrastructure Business Management – Depot

The IBMU has two areas, Business Support and Contracts and Procurement that includes the Depot Stores and Yard Management.

Business Supporttakes care of Administration for various business duties include attending meetings, taking notes, completing work orders, reception, general office administration duties. Contracts and Procurement is the Stores and Depot, which look after many functions including ordering, receipting, signs creation, general yard and store duties.  Staff also manage the depot to ensure a safe, clean and fully stocked depot for all business units working out of this area.

Students also have the opportunity to go out with other units to view installation of street signs, asset rehabilitation walks, etc.

Kindergarten Services

Wyndham City owns 28 kindergartens throughout the municipality. Kindergarten Services provides high quality early education and care services, including 3 & 4-year-old kindergarten programs. Kindergarten education not only supports the children who attend but also works in partnerships with families, schools and the wider community to empower children to succeed.

The Kindergarten Services Unit provides a broad range of services through its core business areas including Customer Service, Growth Planning, Administration, Pre School Field Officer (PSFO) Service Delivery and Kindergarten delivery.

Operational hours and days of each kinder vary, as does each kindergartens availability to accommodate students throughout the year however we are unable to provide placements during the school holiday period.

Landscape Sub Divisions

Landscape Sub Divisions contributes to the negotiation and approval of all developer delivered public open space. Landscape Sub Divisions is involved from the pre-permit and permit planning stage, providing referral advice in relation to all urban design components of subdivisions, through to the approval of detailed landscape design construction drawings. Landscape Sub divisions role is to ensure that developers permit obligations are implemented and completed to the satisfaction of council from planning to delivery. Public open space encompasses, nature strips, public reserves, natural and constructed water ways.

Landscape Sub Division, Landscape Architects review and approve Sub Division Concept Plans, Landscape Master Plans and detailed design construction drawings. The successful design of open space and streetscapes is critical to ensuring that Wyndham’s network of open space and streetscapes is attractive, functional and cost effective to maintain into the long-term future.

Work experience students will undertake a variety of tasks including reviewing and formally assessing pre and post permit planning referrals, master plans and detailed landscape design drawings in relation to all public open space in the growth areas of Wyndham. Students will also assist staff in the communication of Councils objectives, design response and general comments to developers and consultants. Tasks will vary according to operational need.

Library Services

The Libraries and Community Learning Department provide Wyndham City residents with books and resources to enjoy for leisure and entertainment. The Libraries employees promote learning and engagement opportunities to the community, provide great customer service and share a love of reading with all visitors to the centres.

Work experience students will undertake a variety of library tasks including shelving, shelf reading which involves making sure books are in order according to the Dewey Decimal System and other administrative duties. Students will also assist staff in the preparation and delivery of community learning programs, as well as some collection management activities. Tasks will vary according to operational need.

Wyndham has five libraries that operate throughout the municipality; Werribee Library, Manor Lakes Library, Plaza Library, Point Cook Library and Julia Gillard Library Tarneit. Each library is able to accommodate varying numbers of students throughout the year.

People & Capability

The People and Capability Department is responsible for looking after the Human resources aspect within the organisation along with attracting and recruiting the best and brightest talent to Council. We work with people leaders in the organisation to design and deliver creative strategies to ensure people have the best chance at getting their dream jobs and supporting them once here. Our Department also facilitates Induction for all new staff, training programs, payroll functions, Employee Engagement, work force planning, HR policies and procedures, Systems and Analytics and Health and Wellbeing.

Work experience students will get to shadow a member of the team. You might be involved in anything from sitting in on an interview, assisting with Induction or training, a sourcing meeting at the Wyndham City Depot or a workshop about our employer branding strategy.

Refuse Disposal Facility (RDF)

At the RDF, the waste disposal unit is responsible for operation of the landfill and transfer station incorporating recycling and disposal.  This involves working on projects for improvement, increasing resource recovery, license compliance, civil operations, customer service and post filling maintenance.

Work experience will involve shadowing team members from the Waste Disposal Team at the landfill and Councils Offices. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required for safety – a few examples are - hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection, reflective safety vests, and steel toed shoes. (Confirm the type of PPE required with the Supervisor upon placement confirmation).

Social and Economic Inclusion

The Social and Economic Inclusion Department works on projects that bring business, community and government together to create and sustain pathways for local people to fully participate in work and community life.

This occurs through projects and activities like the Fresh Start Employment Pathways program for young people 15-25 years of age in partnership with Wyndham Community Education Centre; industry insights events where people looking for work get to hear from businesses and understand how to find jobs in their industries; and through local partnerships that support local businesses to employ local people and be inclusive workplaces for all Wyndham residents.

The Bright Futures team co-ordinate many programs to assist with student career paths and exposure to the workplace here at Wyndham.  This includes coordinating the Year 10 Work Experience Program, VCAL and tertiary work placements and working with people in the community, providing opportunities to gain experience when re-entering the workforce or starting their career journey. 

Sports and Recreation

The Sport and Recreation team amongst other things look after sports club operations and development.  The organise events such as Health and Active Expo, aquatics and stadium venues. 

You would attend meetings, do research and shadow team members in various units and assist with project work. (More information to come)

Sustainability - Environment & Water

The Sustainability Team is responsible for driving, implementing and evaluating diverse programs and projects that enhance and promote sustainability concepts and practices within Council, the community, urban development and businesses.

 The Sustainability team at Wyndham is involved in a range of exciting projects across council including; Large Scale Solar and Battery Installation, Sustainable Procurement, Environmentally Sustainable Design in both Council and Residential Buildings, Sustainable Transport, Climate Change Adaptation and Community Education programs.

 Work experience would involve shadowing team members from the Sustainability Unit carrying out tasks including; research on innovative approaches to sustainability, general administration and co-ordinating community workshops and activities.

Town Planning Placements

Town Planning involves both control of existing and new development, and the "strategic planning" to ensure our resources in Wyndham are carefully managed to match our future needs and expectations.

Planning is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving in response to changes within the community.

The Town Planning Department comprises of four Units, Statutory Planning, Growth Area Planning, Major Projects Unit and Subdivisions.

Work experience students will undertake a variety of tasks including keeping the Town Planning Forms at the front counter stocked up, scanning and photocopying. Tasks will vary according to operational need of the Department.

Waste Collection Services

Waste Services unit is responsible for delivery of waste collection services including kerbside collection, hard & green waste bookings in line with the Council’s adopted policies and strategies. This also involves working on projects for improvement, increasing resource recovery and providing advice to Council’s planning department on the waste management plan for new developments.

Work experience would involve shadowing team members from the Waste Services Team including administrative tasks, contract management and planning projects for improving resource recovery.

Youth Services

Youth Services aims at creating safe, engaging, entertaining, accessible, innovative, and inspiring social opportunities for young people aged between twelve to twenty five years through a range of events, facilities and services. Youth Services works actively with young people, families, schools, universities, community organisations and other Council departments.

In this program, work experience students will assist with the delivery of youth programs, events or activities that may be happening at the time of placement. Additional duties may include assisting staff with administrative tasks and program planning, supporting the internet café, assist with unpacking food for the food bank and promotional opportunities amongst other things.

Work experience will have the opportunity to work across four sites i.e. Youth Resource Centre, Youth Services at Point Cook, Manor Lakes Community Learning Centre and Tarneit Community Learning Centre.

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