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During 2018-19, $106.1 million was lost at Wyndham’s 13 gaming venues. That’s more than $290,000 every day! At the same time, online sports betting continues to be the fastest growing sector of the gambling industry.

Harm from gambling is more common than you think. Recent exit interviews from 18 Victorian gaming venues found that more than 70 per cent of people playing the pokies experience harm. And gambling harm is not just about losing money. It affects relationships, employment, and mental and physical health, as well as families, friends, local business and the broader community.

Council is increasingly concerned about gambling harm and has adopted the Wyndham Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Plan. It outlines a set of goals and objectives to prevent and reduce harm from gambling, supported by a range of practical actions to be implemented over the life of the policy.

Key achievements to date include:

  • commencing a review of the gaming provisions in the Wyndham Planning Scheme
  • trialling alternative activities to reduce our reliance on gaming venues for social support programs
  • supporting Deakin University to collect local data as part of a research project examining the relationship between older adults and gaming venues
  • introducing a policy to prevent new Council events or programs being held in gaming venues
  • delivering a range of advocacy activities around key issues such as Victoria’s Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct and federal gambling advertising regulations.

For further information contact Lucy Midolo Team Leader Community Health Wellbeing and Safety Lucy.midolo@wyndham.vic.gov.au Tel: 9742 0863.

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The following resources will help you understand the extent of gambling harm in Wyndham, and support you to have your say on future gaming applications:

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