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Nationally, Australians are big gamblers, losing more than $25billion annually, with Victorians losing nearly $6billion. See more gambling loss numbers.

Electronic Gambling Machines (EGMs) commonly referred to as ‘Pokies’ or ‘Poker Machines’, are the most dominant source of financial loss and harm in Australia.

In Wyndham, $106.1million was lost to the Pokies in the 12 month period (2018/2019). That’s more than $290,000 every day! See Pokie venues in Wyndham for more details.

On-line sports betting is the fastest growing sector of the gambling industry with losses in Victoria of $371million (2017/2018).The growth in sports betting is concerning, along with the constant exposure to children during sports broadcasting and television advertisements.

Wyndham is committed to protecting and promoting the health and wellbeing of all Wyndham residents by working to prevent the many financial and social harms associated with gambling.

Key to this commitment, is the Wyndham Gambling Policy and Action Plan 2018-2022.

The policy is supported by a range of practical actions underpinning three core goals:



For further information contact Lucy Midolo  lucy.midolo@wyndham.vic.gov.au  

Pokies venues in Wyndham – a summary of the location and annual losses at Wyndham’s 13 gaming venues


The following links provide helpful gambling advocacy information including actions specific to Wyndham plus community advocacy opportunities.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform work with local councils and supporter organisations as a collected voice advocating for important legislative reforms focusing on making poker machines less addictive and reducing overall harm in our communities.

The Victorian Local Governance Association website includes useful resources for local government, communities and employers.

Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation is the  independent statutory authority responsible for regulating liquor and gambling in Victoria. The VCGLR website includes detailed gambling data, as well as information on gambling hearings and decisions about new or poker machines licenses or increases to existing licenses.

If you would like to learn more about the role of Council and local communities in the assessment of gambling applications this
Fact Sheet: Assessing Gambling Applications is a good start.

If you would like to get involved and have a voice,  

How to run an effective community campaign against pokies produced by the Victorian Local Governance Association, offers tips for getting involved in the assessment of gambling applications

News and Research

The following links provide information on current news and recent gambling related research.


Gambling in Victoria 2018-2019

This report from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation details results from a large general population survey on gambling participation, gambling problems and gambling-related harm in Victoria: Victorian population gambling and health study 2018-2019

Gambling and Older Adults

This study explores the range of factors (e.g. individual, cultural, commercial, environmental) that may support pathways for older adults going to community gambling venues: 

Factors shaping the gambling attitudes and behaviours of older adults

The Hidden Harms of Gambling

Often when we gambling harm is discussed the focus is on people considered to be ‘problem gamblers’ but the latest research identifies that all gamblers are potentially at risk and can experience harm. This background paper explores the characteristics, attitudes, beliefs, and gambling behaviour of people engaging in low- and moderate-risk gambling Hidden Harms: Low and Moderate Risk Gamblers

Events and other activities

Morning Melodies 


Hosted in a safe, accessible and welcoming environment, Wyndham has created an exciting program of Morning Melodies for our residents to enjoy. Usually held at the Encore Event Centre each month, due to current restrictions performances are being  broadcast live. 

Morning Melodies at Home:

The show will go on!  The upcoming performance of SOS Duo will be broadcast live, entirely online from Encore Events Centre

Morning Melodies at Home 13th October 2020 11am -12 pm

SOS Duo is a high energy ABBA show. This special ABBA tribute, perform the greatest hits from the Swedish super-group mixed with a selection of the hottest disco tracks from the 70’s. SOS Duo creates a show that takes audiences on a wild ride back to the party decade where ABBA ruled the dance floor!

For further program details updates check WHAT'S ON ENCORE EVENTS

Gambling Harm Awareness Week is going online for 2020!

Harm from gambling can impact individuals, families and friends and the wider community. This week is devoted to learning about gambling related harm and why we need to keep the discussion ongoing. 

For 2020 all events will be on-line. Click this link to find out more: Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Gambling Harm Awareness Week

Wyndham Harm Minimisation Projects

Stepping Out! Building stronger social connections for older people, free from gambling harm. 


As part of the Prevention Partnership Projects funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Wyndham is currently undertaking a project aimed at encouraging seniors in Wyndham to consider alternate venues and activities for recreation.

52% of Australian Adults aged 65+ are at risk of experiencing gambling harm. Many social activities for seniors are held at venues with Pokies. This can create challenges in terms of increasing gambling related harm in the community.

The Stepping Out Project seeks to address the challenge of gambling venues being the ‘default’ location for many social inclusion activities aimed at older people.

A number of resources and educational tools will be developed with the aim of increasing the  understanding among different groups providing social activities for older people in Wyndham of the causes, risks and signs of gambling harm. For more information, please contact Juliet Matskarofski at Juliet.Matskarofski@wyndham.vic.gov.au or (03) 8734 5488 ext. 1046.

Related Research: Gambling and Older Adults

This study explores the range of factors that (e.g. individual, cultural, commercial, environmental) that may support pathways for older adults going to community gambling venues.

Factors shaping the gambling attitudes and behaviours of older adults

Join our Gambling Harm Information Register to stay up to date on Council’s activities to tackle gambling harm in Wyndham!


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