There are 3 wards in Wyndham with 11 elected Councillors.

The current Council was elected October 2020 for a four year term to work with the community and the organisation in setting Council's strategic direction.

The Mayor is elected annually by his or her fellow Councillors to represent the views and directions of Council, and provide leadership of the Council.

Harrison Ward

Harrison Ward includes the industrial precincts in Laverton, Laverton North, Point Cook, Truganina, Williams Landing and some parts of Hoppers Crossing.

The Harrison Ward population as at 2016 is estimated to be around 85,800 people based on population forecasts. The Harrison Ward is forecasted to have the smallest increase in population, albeit an increase of 44,600 residents between 2016-2036, with a population of 130,500 by 2036. In 2016 it was the largest Ward in Wyndham and by 2036 it is expected to be the smallest Ward.

The Harrison Ward is home to the newest residents and is the most culturally diverse Ward in Wyndham.

Iramoo Ward

Iramoo Ward contains around a quarter of the Wyndham population (53,000 residents) as at 2016.

The Iramoo Ward is estimated to be the smallest ward in Wyndham as at 2016, with a population of around 53,000 people. The Iramoo Ward is forecast to grow by 200%, the largest population growth in the municipality, with an additional 108,600 residents living in this ward between 2016 and 2036. By 2031, it is forecasted to be the largest Ward in Wyndham.

The top overseas countries of birth are England, followed by India, New Zealand, Italy and Philippines. European languages are more common in Iramoo, Italian the largest language spoken at home other than English.

Chaffey Ward

Chaffey Ward is situated in the centre of the Wyndham municipality and includes the suburbs of Tarneit, and parts of Werribee and Hoppers Crossing.

The Chaffey Ward population as at 2016 is estimated to be around 75,000 people based on population forecasts. The Chaffey Ward is expected to increase by over 57,000 residents (76%) between 2016 and 2036, and is forecast to have a population of around 132,000 people by 2036, making it the second largest Ward in Wyndham.

Filipino and Tagalog are the most widely spoken languages other than English, followed by Punjabi and Arabic.

* Wyndham population and data will be updated after the 2021 Census Survey

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