Public art is central to the ongoing development of Wyndham City as a vibrant, creative, and engaged city. Wyndham City has a dynamic, contemporary, and growing public art collection. Our annual commitment to public art is funded through our Capital Works budget. We also work to integrate public art into new developments, community infrastructure and spaces.

Contemporary public art can transform our streets, buildings, open spaces, and the fabric of our city. It contributes to the cultural life and liveability of Wyndham. Public access to art helps to create public spaces that bring people together, reflect communities and build a strong sense of, identity, and civic pride.

Public Art Collection

Wyndham City is home to a large collection of permanent public art, from sculptures, to murals, installations, and integrated artworks.

We are currently updating our current information about our collection onto the Victorian Collections database. The Victorian Collections database is a way to manage and update our collection information display it in a way that is accessible to everyone.

In the meantime, please view some of our archive here:

View our Public Art Collection

Wyndham City Council 10-Year Public Art Plan

Wyndham City Council is currently in the process of reviewing a 10-Year Public Art Plan which aims to support the development of an ambitious world class public art program and collection for the coming decade, which will demonstrate the council’s commitment to developing and delivering ground-breaking public art for the people of Wyndham.

This 10-Year Public Art Plan was produced following extensive research; internal and external consultation; global benchmarking and in close reference to all current relevant council plans, polices and strategies.

To add your feedback to the draft Wyndham 2022-2032 Public Art Plan please go to Feedback and input is welcome and closes on Thursday 30 June, 2022.

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