Wyndham City Drainage Design Guidelines 2020 have been developed as an overarching guideline for the design of stormwater systems in the City of Wyndham, addressing gaps in previously listed guides and anomalies as a result of the introduction of the 2019 Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guidelines (ARR 2019).

The guidelines outlines Council’s drainage and stormwater management requirements for new developments, including:

  • Key design requirements
  • Requirements for Onsite Stormwater Detention
  • Integrated Water Management requirements in small scale developments (to meet Planning Scheme Clause 53.18)
  • The information to be included when submitting to Council for approval

This guideline will ensure that all developments in Wyndham have stormwater drainage and WSUD systems that are designed to best practice standards and provide best value to the community, by considering long term asset performance, public safety, ease and cost of maintenance, amenity and integration with urban design.

Where drainage plan approval is mandated by the Planning Permit, OSD plans are to be prepared and submitted to Council. These plans are to be submitted as per Wyndham Drainage Design Checklist.

Any submission to the council to satisfy the Victorian Planning Provisions Clause 53.18, relating to Integrated Water Management requirements in small scale development, must include the Wyndham WSUD submission checklist.

Download: Wyndham City Drainage Guidelines

Download: Wyndham Water Sensitive Urban Design Submission Checklist

Download: Wyndham City Drainage Design Checklist

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