The City Forest and Habitat Strategy (2017 – 2040) aims for Wyndham to be a vibrant living ecosystem with shade and green spaces that support healthy communities and resilient, connected, natural environments.

By implementing this Strategy, Wyndham will:

  • Be threaded with natural habitat corridors to foster biodiversity including local wildlife;
  • Have a significant increase in tree coverage and diversity;
  • Incorporate natural ecosystems into urban areas;
  • Provide residents access to nature for recreation and enhanced experiences of public spaces;
  • Use vegetation to stabilise urban temperature and humidity as well as increasing resilience to a changing climate; and,
  • Facilitate the exchange of information about urban and rural living, well-being and ecological integration.

Areas of focus of the strategy include protecting and enhancing the environment of:

  • The Werribee River
  • Little River
  • The Volcanic Plains Grasslands and Woodlands
  • Urban Habitat Connections
  • Streetscapes
  • Parks and Reserves

We will work with Wyndham’s community and other key stakeholders to implement this strategy.

Download - City Forest and Habitat Strategy (2017 – 2040)

Download - City Forest and Habitat Strategy Annexes

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