The City Forest and Habitat Strategy (2017 – 2040) aims for Wyndham to be a vibrant living ecosystem with shade and green spaces that support healthy communities and resilient, connected, natural environments.

By implementing this Strategy, Wyndham will:

  • Be threaded with natural habitat corridors to foster biodiversity including local wildlife;
  • Have a significant increase in tree coverage and diversity;
  • Incorporate natural ecosystems into urban areas;
  • Provide residents access to nature for recreation and enhanced experiences of public spaces;
  • Use vegetation to stabilise urban temperature and humidity as well as increasing resilience to a changing climate; and,
  • Facilitate the exchange of information about urban and rural living, well-being and ecological integration.

Areas of focus of the strategy include protecting and enhancing the environment of:

  • The Werribee River
  • Little River
  • The Volcanic Plains Grasslands and Woodlands
  • Urban Habitat Connections
  • Streetscapes
  • Parks and Reserves

We will work with Wyndham’s community and other key stakeholders to implement this strategy.

Download - City Forest and Habitat Strategy (2017 – 2040)

Download - City Forest and Habitat Strategy Annexes

Annual Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Report 2018/19

This is the first annual report on the progress of Wyndham’s City Forest and Habitat Strategy. Based on information from internal progress reporting and an annual review workshop, this reports provides a high level summary of how Wyndham is delivering on the Strategy outcomes. It also highlights what is working well and provides lessons for improving our work going forward.

The report details that Wyndham’s work throughout 2018/19 has seen improvements in our urban forest and habitat quality, and that more community members have engaged in their local environments. Better internal coordination and partnerships with a range of actors has supported this work. Future focus areas include longer term resource forecasting, increased compliance for environmental breaches and a broadening of our community engagement initiatives.

Download - Annual Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Report 2018/19

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