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When reading aloud to a fellow person, children can often feel self-conscious as they’re afraid to make a mistake. Reading aloud to an animal can put them in a judgement free situation, thus improving their self-confidence, which in turn can help develop their literacy skills.

Reading to Pets is an annual competition run by Wyndham City Libraries. Parents and guardians from Wyndham are encouraged to enter a photo of their child reading aloud to their pet, for their child’s chance to win a great prize.

Entries and voting for the 2023 competition have now closed. You can view the 2023 winners and the entries below, and on the Libraries in Wyndham Facebook page

2023 Winners

Joshua, in a pirate hat, reading a book called Budgies to a dog dressed up as a parrot

Joshua reading to Ruby, winner of the People’s Choice.

Canyon reading to Dan

Canyon reading to Dan, winner of the Librarian’s Choice.

Zoe reading to Charlie

Zoe reading to Charlie, winner of the Librarian’s Choice.

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