Each and every tree in Wyndham is an important asset to both our environment and our community.

Find information on how to protect our trees, report an issue with a tree, care for your naturestrip and understand how trees and soil affect a buildings foundation.

Nature Strip Landscaping Guidelines

The nature strip in front of your home is land that belongs to Wyndham City Council.

However, it is the responsibility of the resident to maintain their nature strip. Download the Nature Strip Landscaping Guidelines to understand what acceptable and unaccepting nature strip treatments.

Download - Nature Strip Landscaping Guidelines

Tree Maintenance and Pruning

If you have a tree that is damaged or requires maintenance, pruning or assessment, lodge an enquiry via our online request form.

Online Request Form

Tree Protection during construction

Trees grow in a delicate balance with their environment and any changes to that balance must be minimized if the tree is to remain healthy state and fulfil its potential.

It is rarely possible to repair stressed and injured trees. Care must be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to Council tree trunks, roots, canopy or branches during works.

The most important consideration for the successful retention of trees is to allow appropriate above and below ground space for a tree to continue to grow. This requires the allocation of a Tree Protection Zone.

Download - Tree Protection Flyer

Trees, Foundations, and Soils

Read our information sheet to understand how trees and soil affect a buildings foundation and what you should be aware of when preparing to build a new house. 

Download - Trees and Naturestrips - Trees, Foundations, and Soils Flyer

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