Peter-Waples-Crowe , Affirm

Peter Waples-Crowe’s presentation Affirm situates itself within the architecture of Station Place, specifically the expansive window-based architrave and south entrance to the subterranean hub of Werribee Train Station.

For Affirm, Peter has worked with his image-based archive - itself incorporating new and found imagery - moulded as raw material, often in subversion of the imagery’s original intents and purposes.

Peter’s remixing of the old, alongside the production of new elements, constructs and weaves various narratives, affirming Peter’s identity and exploring related concerns of his practice.

Affirm presents scenes at once familiar to the ‘Australian’ vernacular yet subjected to Peter’s unique subjective lens and collage-like methodologies in this expansive site-based exhibition.

Originally commissioned by Wyndham Arts and Culture in partnership with QueerPHOTO 2024 and Midsumma.

Image caption: Peter Waples-Crowe, Affirm, 2024 installation images. Courtesy the artist.

Date and time

Station Place, Werribee

Wyndham City Arts and Culture



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