An Artist’s Impression of the Riverbend Catalyst Site Concept

Four upcoming new developments will act as major catalysts for the continued growth of the Werribee City Centre.

The Catalyst Site Developments will deliver hundreds of new jobs, new attractions, apartment style living, major commercial opportunities and multi-storey car-parking.

In 2016 Wyndham City Council proactively took the Riverbend, Gateway and Cherry St sites to the market. Through a competitive public process Council selected The Burbank Group and The Pelligra Group as the developers to transform the sites in-line with the vision for the Werribee City Centre.

The Riverbend sites are to be developed by The Burbank Group in two stages. Landmark new apartment buildings with ground level shops and cafes will feature stunning river and park views.

The Gateway and Cherry Street sites are to be developed by The Pelligra Group. They will redefine key entry points to the Werribee City Centre and provide new commercial opportunities and major public parking facilities.

All of the Catalyst Sites are located within the Werribee City Centre Activity Centre Boundary and zoned ‘Activity Centre Zone’.

The Werribee City Centre Structure Plan, adopted by Council in 2013, sets the strategic planning context for the Catalyst Developments.

Schedule 1 to the Activity Centre Zone specifies the planning requirements and guidelines for new development in the Werribee City Centre. Links to all of these documents are available by visiting Werribee City Centre Planning & Development.

Collectively the Catalyst developments are planned to deliver:

  • 1,400 new parking spaces (both private and public)
  • 5,000sqm of office space
  • 2,500sqm of retail / café space
  • 300 residential apartments (providing over 700 new residents for the City Centre)
  • 100 serviced apartments to accommodate visitors
  • Childcare services
  • A new Integrated Community Learning Hub of over 8,000sqm, plus
  • 600 new jobs.

Construction is planned to commence on the Gateway Site and Riverbend Small Site in 2018. In 2017 Wyndham City Council plans to construct a new public car park on the West-End Site to replace the public parking that will be unavailable during the development of the Catalyst Sites.

If you have questions or would like further information please contact Wyndham City’s Vibrant City Centres Department on (t) 9742 0905 or (e) or visit


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