New catalyst developments initiated by Wyndham City Council are supercharging the growth of the Werribee City Centre.

The Catalyst Site Developments will deliver hundreds of new jobs, new attractions, major commercial opportunities and multi-storey car-parking.

Through a competitive public process Council selected The Pelligra Group as the developer to transform the two key development sites in-line with the vision for the Werribee City Centre.

In 2021 the Pelligra Group completed the Hunter Werribee development on the corner of Synnot St and Duncans Rd, Werribee. This landmark development has redefined the heart of the Werribee City Centre. It has introduced a 150 room Holiday Inn hotel, new commercial opportunities and a major new public parking facility. This will generate many new local jobs and economic benefit.

The Pelligra Group next plans to develop the 4,200sqm Cherry St Catalyst Site, located on the corner of Cherry St and Jellicoe St, Werribee

If you have questions or would like further information please contact Wyndham City’s Vibrant City Centres Department on (t) 9742 0905 or (e)

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