Help Us Clear the Air: Report Tobacco Violations

Councils Public and Environmental Health Unit work tirelessly with businesses to uphold the Tobacco Act 1987. Your reports help us enforce these laws for a healthier community.

Our mission doesn't stop at education; we're also committed to taking action against violations discovered during these visits or reported by the public.


Our commitment to smoke and vape free spaces
We're dedicated to:

  • Smoke and vape free zones: Ensuring all patrons enjoy clean air in public spaces.
  • No smoking or vaping on premises: Keeping smoke away from where we dine, shop, and play.
  • Limiting visibility: Removing tobacco and vape advertising to discourage use.

Your vigilance supports our mission. If you notice something amiss or have concerns about a tobacco or vape violation, we encourage you to report it. Here's how:

Report Tobacco Breaches


Tightening Tobacco Legislation

Strict laws govern the sale and display of tobacco products in retail settings to protect our community:

  • No advertising: Any tobacco or vape signs or advertisements referencing smoking and vaping are banned.
  • Prohibited display: Tobacco and vape products must be out of sight to customers.
  • Sales to minors: Sales of tobacco or vape products to under 18’s is prohibited.
  • Signage: Retailers must display any graphics required under the Tobacco Act.


Need More Information?

For further information on Council’s role in Tobacco and E-cigarette controls, please contact the Public and Environmental Health Unit on (03) 9742 0738 or

For comprehensive details about tobacco regulations, please contact the Department of Health and Human Services or call the Tobacco Information Line at 1300 136 775. Together, we can make Wyndham City a healthier place for everyone.

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