This year RED CENTRE asks you to look up  from Wednesday to Sunday evenings from dusk. A new work, entitled ‘Resilience’, is projected onto the fly-tower of the Wyndham Cultural Centre, adding a refreshing splash of colour to the summer nights. The lush, blooming projection-mapped installation, created by Nick Azidis from Projection Teknik, references a growing ‘wall garden’ of flowers and is based around themes of growth and regeneration.

The wall garden blossoms and grows from a scorched red earth over a 9-minute loop, projected simultaneously onto all three sides of the tower. The visuals are accompanied by an ambient soundtrack from composer Alexander Albrecht, exploring elements of growth, change and development. Albrecht draws on field recordings of the Pilbara and Kakadu, as well as sounds from other treasured Australian landscapes. This auditory companion to Azidis’ optical feast aims to showcase the diversity and dynamic climate found in our rich red centre.


Accompanying the projections is a 46-metre-long vinyl artwork, featuring the word CHANGE created by Buff Diss. The work features topography from western Victoria. The text based work refers to the change we have all had to go through over the past year in our everyday lives, the word questions what changes we have made and what we have given up, but also the positive nature of change and flux and the opportunity change represents for personal growth.

26 Nov 2021 - 1 Jan 2022
Wednesdays-Sundays from dusk
Wyndham Cultural Centre, 177 Watton Street Werribee


Dates and Times

8pm to 11pm

  • Thursday 25 November
  • Friday 26 November
  • Saturday 27 November
  • Thursday 2 December
  • Friday 3 December
  • Saturday 4 December
  • Thursday 9 December
  • Friday 10 December
  • Saturday 11 December
  • Thursday 16 December
  • Friday 17 December
  • Saturday 18 December
  • Thursday 23 December
  • Friday 24 December
  • Saturday 25 December
  • Thursday 30 December
  • Friday 31 December
  • Saturday 1 January

Nick Azidis: New Media Artist and Projection Illusionist


NICK AZIDIS is a new media artist and projection illusionist specialising in large- scale projections in both digital and analogue mediums. Beginning as a painter in the late ‘80s to late ‘90s, Azidis turned to projection art as a way to create "leave no trace artworks", which he has been making for 30 years. There is a direct link with the content Azidis creates in his projections and his painted works, yet it could be argued the impermanent nature of projecting art only adds to its ephemeral beauty.

He has compiled a diverse body of work over three decades as a producer, content developer/creator and technician. Azidis is interested in storytelling and creating eternal memories and aesthetically beautiful pieces that transform a viewer’s perception of their surroundings with a blanket of luminescent designs.

Alexander Albrecht: Audio Artist


Alexander Albrecht is a Melbourne improviser who modernises the classic jazz format while walking

ambient music through the rainforest and down to the shore. Through his work he absorbs Australia’s landscape to craft enlightened, on-the-fly performances that are never to be missed and never to be repeated. His label has over 20 releases internationally and his work has been nominated for “best electronic artist” and “best album” in the Victorian Music Awards.

Alex says the audio pieces he has used for Wyndham’s RED Centre 2021 includes field recordings and sounds of the Pilbara, Kakadu as well as other Australian landscapes. It aims to showcase the diversity and dynamic climate found in our red centre. 

Buff Diss


Buff Diss began as an artist in the late nineties, with works first appearing on the streets and walls of Melbourne, before emerging in Tokyo, New York, Berlin and beyond. He is known globally for his pioneering use of tape as a medium and his distinctive line-based aesthetic. Buff continues to develop his approaches as he reinterprets spaces and models artefacts with originality and reference to the environment in which it resides.

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