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YA BOTW:  A Vow So Bold and Deadly

Education & Youth Librarian Sharyn's YA Book of the Week is A Vow So Bold and Deadly. This is the finale in the #Curserbreakers series by @brigidkemmerer, a contemporary fantasy style reimagining of The Beauty and The Beast fairytale.

A review so kind and merciful...

In A Vow so Bold and Deadly the rightful heir has been revealed and the two kingdoms come closer to war with loyalties tested and love threatened. The chapters alternate between the four protagonists' points of view: Grey, Rhen, Harper and Lia Mara. At the book's core is a battle for power between the two kingdoms and the two brothers – and let’s not forget the evil enchantress Lilith!

Lia Mara to Harper: “You may have been friends, but I believe you would have done these things for anyone who asked. I believe you are kind and merciful – and that is why you had no hesitation in riding into a country that has declared war on Emberfall, with the sole intent of finding help for a prince who has caused so much harm.”

Themes explored include love, sacrifice, allegiance and redemption. This is an exciting, romantic and suspenseful conclusion to the trilogy. A must read if you have read book one A Curse so Dark and Lonely and book two A Heart so Fierce and Broken.

A Vow so Bold and Deadly is available to borrow for free, click here to request a copy.

Review: Heartbreak Boys

Heartbreak Boys by Simon James Green follows Jack and Nate as they try to recover after both being unceremoniously dumped by their exes. In an attempt to prove just how much they’ve moved on and make their exes jealous, they create a fake Instagram account documenting their summer of “fun”. What Jack and Nate gain from the scheme and spending the summer together is so much more than either of them could have anticipated, however. With help from each other they are able to work through their issues with self-acceptance and closure and also begin to develop feelings for each other that weren’t there before...

Heartbreak Boys is an easy, enjoyable read with hilarious characters and well written dialogue. A perfect summer read!

Reviewed by Anna, Education and Youth Services Librarian. Click here to request a copy!

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