Return your trolley, Report abandoned trolleys!

Residents are urged to help keep our streets free of dumped trolleys.

Trolleys belong at retail complexes, not abandoned on streets or lost in parks and waterways.

Of those trolleys abandoned and reported to Council, most are left within one kilometre of four major shopping complexes in Wyndham.

Shoppers are reminded that if they need to walk their shopping home, an alternative like buying a foldable trolley should be considered as abandoning a trolley is an act of littering and residents can be fined up to $ 395.

How are we working with retailers?

Our Community Amenity Local Law 2023 gives Wyndham City the authority to fine retailers $395 per a shopping trolley if they are not collected within three days of being reported. This change to the local law aims to ensure retailers take more responsibility to claim those trolleys abandoned.

We’re asking retailers across Wyndham to be responsive to reports of abandoned trolleys. In particular, we’re focusing on four areas to help shoppers understand the importance of not abandoning trolleys and are working with retailers in these areas to pick up the trolleys.

The four retail complexes we’re focussing on are:

  • Pacific Werribee, Hopper Crossing
  • Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, Point Cook
  • Tarneit Central Shopping Centre, Tarneit
  • Manor Lakes Shopping Centre, Wyndham Vale

Trolleys should be returned to retailers or if spotted in streets reported to their retailers as directed below:

Trolley Trackery

Visit Trolley Tracker or phone 1800 641 497 to report the abandoned trolleys from the following retailers. This is an app that you can download.

  • Woolworths
  • Big W
  • Dan Murphy’s

Contact 1800 876 553 to report a trolley for pick up

Trolleys are referred to on the Coles website at: Coles website


Contact 1800 163 900 to report a trolley for pick up by either Kmart or Target.

Trolleys are referred to on the Kmart website at:

Trolleys are referred to on the Target website at:


Contact 1300 554 777 to report a trolley for pick up by Bunnings.

Trolleys are referred to on the Bunnings website at:

Use the Aldi website to report a trolley for pick up at
If the retailer has failed to pick up the trolley, let Council know by  completing a Request for Service or phone Wyndham City on 1300 023 411.

What is a foldable trolley?

Residents who need to walk their shopping home are encouraged to find an alternative, like buying a foldable trolley which are commonly used at markets.

foldable trolley
A foldable trolley is one that is usually made of a type of fabric that allows the steel frame of the trolley to collapse and be stored in the boot of a car or at home.


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