H3 Alliance - Housing and Homelessness in Wyndham

The Wyndham H3 Alliance are an alliance of health, housing and homelessness organisations in Wyndham working together to deliver and improve housing services and options in Wyndham. 

There is very little short and medium-term housing options in Wyndham, and demand is very high and growing.  Resources to help those most in need are very limited and are prioritised according to demand and vacancies.

Anyone who is experiencing difficulties which may affect their housing are urged to seek information and advice early to avoid a worsening of their situation. 

Anyone who does find themselves in a crisis, should contact Unison on Tel 1800 825 955 (business hours) or 1800 627 727 (after hours), visit https://www.unison.org.au/

Download the H3 Resources Guide

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