Our supported playgroups are a free program for families with children from birth to school age. A qualified Child and Family Resource Officer leads these sessions where parents develop their skills and confidence to support their child’s wellbeing and developing.

The programs aim to provide a safe space for parents to meet other parents and to build parent capacity and understanding of the value of play in their child’s development. The team use low cost and recycled play equipment, including household items, so that parents can create their own play experience.

Who can attend a Supported Play Group?

Families must meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria: 

  • A family member in the household holds a Health Care Card or equivalent  
  • Families in which a family member identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander  
  • Families looking after children in kinship care arrangements (out of home care) 
  • Families referred from Child FIRST/Child Protection. 
  • Families referred from or participating in Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Services  

Register your interested in joining a supported playgroup

For further information contact the Children and Family Resource Team 1300 370 567 or playgroup@wyndham.vic.gov.au

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